Achieve DevOps Success Globally with On-Demand, Agile, and Continuous Translations

With DevOps-focused translation services in more than 350 languages, White Globe is a leader in the language market. With the help of our lightning-quick, always-on, and round-the-clock software translation and localization solutions, technology enterprises may reach their full potential in international markets.

DevOps Translated Right in 350 Languages

Are DevOps best practises being used by your firm to quicken the software development lifecycle and provide continuous customer experience enhancement on a global scale? You will then need White Globe.

In order to support multilingual DevOps success across all Asian and European languages, we have the linguistic resources and cutting-edge translation technologies. In order to stay competitive, software firms increasingly rely on agile, lean, iterative approaches to continuously lower the time-to-market for new service releases and updates.

To traditional offline translation models, where rigid, slow waterfall localization workflows are the norm, these DevOps operations present special obstacles. For this reason, you require White Globe. We assist businesses in achieving DevOps success globally, one precise translated release at a time.

Introducing White Globe LangOps

White Globe has introduced LangOps to translate software releases most effectively utilizing the DevOps model for continuous translation delivery. LangOps is similar to other DevOps practices like ArchOps and TestOps which concentrate on software architecture design and QA testing, respectively. With a fully automated translation workflow, LangOps receives content (software strings) for translation and then returns translated output. For the highest level of linguistic accuracy, all linguistic outputs are carried out by our pre-approved professional linguists and subject matter specialists. White Globe's on-demand, continuous, and always-on translation solutions are used by LangOps to supply software localization services that are specifically designed for DevOps.

Agile Translation Services

Agile translation tools are required by the current DevOps method of software development in order to quickly and constantly roll out new features in all languages. By concurrently delivering updates in all languages, agile translation services allow software firms to reduce time-to-market internationally, improving worldwide customer satisfaction.

White Globe, a leading translation and localization company, offers quick translation services. Our on-demand, just-in-time translation services are offered across all business content channels and delivered on desktop and mobile devices.

Continuous Translation Meets Continuous Delivery

The continuous delivery of software updates and releases, which makes modest, incremental enhancements instantly available to the end-user or customer, is a key element of DevOps best practises. Constant delivery equates to continuous translation when it comes to software localization.

One of the top translation firms, White Globe provides ongoing services by utilising our always-on, fully automated translation environment across all devices. To enable our clients to execute DevOps across linguistic boundaries, White Globe has created a comprehensive suite of translation APIs that automate the complete continuous translation workflow.

Software Localization

For all sorts of software applications, including CRM, ERP, supply chain, office automation, CAD, e-commerce, business process management, mobile apps, and more, White Globe offers professional translation and localization solutions. We offer localized software QA and testing, help-document translation, and GUI string localization.

End-to-end software localization is simple with the White Globe platform translation management system. Even better, in order to provide the best correct language translations, we've added in-context review, which enables our linguists to quickly evaluate each program string on the actual software interface in real-time.

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