Governmental agencies and multinational organizations must effectively communicate with a global audience across languages and cultures as the globe becomes more linked. Governmental agencies and multinational organizations must effectively communicate with a global audience across languages and cultures as the globe becomes a more connected place. Globally aware governments and international organizations may exchange and communicate with all of their shareholders and constituents efficiently and eloquently thanks to White Globe's platform-based language and knowledge solutions.

Given how heavily our impressions of the world and one another are influenced by the entertainment and media we consume, it is crucial to establish a global information system that allows media to readily traverse language barriers. White Globe is happy to offer high-quality service and is happy to be of help.

Our experts can translate you content in 350+ Languages

Government forms
Immigration documents
Internal communications
Brochures and public information
Training and educational materials
Social media accounts
Government contracts
Program documentation and literature
Reports and white papers
Press releases
Website Localization
Legal documents and legislative briefs
Social and health services

Government Translation Services

In the digital and information age, linguistic diversity has increased in both government-to-government communication and government-to-citizen interaction.

To ensure that all citizens have access to government information, a sizable quantity of it—including forms, PSAs, and legal documents—must be translated into a wide variety of legally required languages.

White Globe can quickly manage the translation of huge volumes of legal, financial, and governmental text. With White Globe, interacting with your supporters is simple, quick, and successful.

International Organizations

International governments and multi-national organizations, such as the United Nations and the European Union, have a lot of information that needs to be localized to meet the language standards of their constituent member states, including parliamentary documentation, publications, and legal agreements.

With a network of linguists and cultural specialists numbering over 30,000, White Globe is a dependable language partner for international government organizations and international organizations. Let us assist you in starting the process of optimizing your international communications.

Political Campaigns

Campaign materials, social media posts, and public outreach may all be translated by White Globe quickly and accurately to help you win over key voting blocs. Political outreach is now more digital and done through social media.

Customers can easily translate and upload translations of Tweets on social media sites using White Globe's Twitter API with a minimum amount of project management. Websites, social media profiles, Facebook pages, internal and external communications, signage, handouts, and other materials can all be localized by White Globe. With White Globe, you'll never miss another opportunity to vote owing to communication problems.

Consistent Terminology

Translating for governmental organizations and multinational organizations involves responsibility because even a small error can have far-reaching consequences.

White Globe uses a platform-based terminology management system as a result. Translations of keywords, terms, phrases, and names can be tagged and saved by translators using the terminology platform. The outcome? Each project's words are consistently translated by White Globe, and the company can complete translations faster while saving the client money and time.

White Globe Provides:

Swift project turnaround.
Unprecedented translation scalability.
Digital content and social media translation adept.
Higher quality with bilingual subject matter experts.
Competitive service through efficiency.
Mobile translation enabled.

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