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About VFX

VFX stands for Visual Effects. Any component of the visuals shown on screen which were created artificially would be considered as VFX. With the rise of blockbuster action movies, the use of VFX has grown exponentially in the industry. The top 7 out of 10 highest grossing movies are those with heavy dependency on VFX. The rise of fantasy driven content is on the rise. With the exponential advancement in technology day after day. VFX brings to the table a plethora of possibilities for creators to showcase visuals which would be unimaginable for past creators.

The words CGI, VFX and animation at times are used interchangeably, even though that is not the case. The term CGI is the abbreviation for Computer Generated Imagery. Whereas, VFX is Visual Effects. The term CGI can be considered as an umbrella term used to describe any form of imagery created using computer graphics or digital manipulation. Visual effects on the other hand generally refers to visuals created by overlapping computer graphics over live action footage or manipulating two live action footages over each other. Entirely different from these are animated visuals which refers to developing movement on any form of visuals. This includes animating movement into pictures using celluloid animation where each frame is hand-drawn. Or situations where animation and CGI work together to give us movies like Pixar creations.

Filmmakers and creators have always been restricted by the boundaries of what is possible. This results in constant development of innovative techniques of creating visuals. Earlier, filmmakers would use practical illusions to show imagery impossible to shoot. But now with the advancement of technology. We have developed computers which can process images and render visuals which remove the limitations of practicality for the creators.

Learning VFX

Beginner level software

HitFilm is FXhome’s professional video editing and visual effects software package, which includes strong features such as particle simulation, 3D model animation, and a world-series lens-flare engine. HitFilm, which is utilised by millions of filmmakers worldwide, is available for free download.

Over 400 visual effects and presets are available to users for free, ranging from text and titling to fire, lightning, rifle muzzle flashes, lens flares, warps, and more. Colour presets may be used to create fast cinematic tints, melancholy colours for dreamy sequences, or even a deteriorated, damaged aesthetic.

This VFX video editing app for pc is an all in one post production VFX software which allows you to edit your footage, add visual effects and 3d renders, and colour grade your footage in one software. Green screen extraction, GoPro correction tools, and built-in vocal recording will be very useful for YouTubers and streams. The ability to import and export popular video and audio file types allows for a more fluid workflow between apps.

Intermediate level software

For someone with a general understanding of visual effects and editing, Adobe After Effects is the best software to start creating top quality VFX videos. After Effects works as a VFX animation software which allows you to make minutely detailed animation videos. It also works as a VFX compositing software that lets you manipulate and add visual effects and elements onto live action footage.

After Effects is an industry level software that is used by professionals thanks to its interlinking abilities with the entire Adobe creative suite. So, if your production workflow already includes other Adobe softwares like Premiere Pro, After Effects is the best option for you to go with.

The software does not give you the best or many options when it comes to 3D animation and rendering. But is the best in the market for composition, adding VFX elements to your shots or making specific alterations to your footage in post.

Advanced Level Software

Blender is an open-source 3D VFX software which is used to create 3D printed objects, animated films and video games too. Blender’s 3D features include rendering, sculpting, rigging, video editing, compositing and texturing computer generated objects.

3D artists may utilise the software’s extensive modifier library to perform non-destructive modifications on their creations. UV Unwrapping options in Blender also include painting straight onto the mash, Cube, Cylinder, Sphere, and Camera projections, as well as UV layout picture exporting. The programme is compatible with the operating systems Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Online VFX 3D Animation Platform

The first obstacle to getting into VFX is the requirement of a highly specced up system to run the software. Thus, the opportunity to use a full fledged 3D animation software online is an amazing feature which PixCap brings to the table.

The entire software is browser based which means it works online all the time. This enables us to utilise the ever-growing animation and 3D library. Removes the hassle of updating the software and reduces the system requirements to create 3D animations.

PixCap’s feature set includes:
– AI motion capture
– Cloud-based system
– Web publishing
– Drag-n-drop animation libraries and assets
– Easy IK setup for quick animation


As said by many professionals, the learning curve for VFX & CGI is very steep which makes it an industry saturated at the entry level. But there is a massive requirement for skilled VFX artists. With the growth in the VFX video market, the industry is at its all time peak. This makes it the best time to get into learning VFX and becoming a VFX artist. Companies are looking for people with the correct technical skills and the artistic vision to utilise the plethora of tools new gen VFX softwares provides. The importance of having top notch social media presence has increased the need for content. Which inherently has increased the need of VFX artists. There are brands searching for the next generation of creators who can take these tools and give them something nobody can imagine. Thus, learning VFX has become a key asset in today’s time.

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