India is the most digitally advanced traveller nation in terms of digital tools being used for planning, booking and experiencing a journey, White Globe offers a wide range of high-quality and affordable solutions for all of translation and localization needs for Travel and Hospitality Industry. As more and more travellers research online to browse their travel options and secure their bookings, as a brand it is essential to distinguish yourself from other competitors by targeting linguistic excellence to properly meet the demands of any audience. White Globe ensures that its translation and localization services will help guarantee that clients and customers will return as loyal guests of your travel and hospitality brand.

White Globe has worked with some of the leading Travel and Hospitality organisations and provided them Website Localization, Translation, Interpretation, Video creation and Animation in multiple languages.

For one of the leading customers, White Globe provided its Tour Management System for an exclusive guest comprising of Foreign dignitaries. The Service comprised of the On-site Interpreter along with the Tour Management system with two way communication.

We are Leaders in the Language Industry