What We Offer

White Globe is young and vibrant Language Service Provider (LSP) offering a suite of Translation & Localisation services in more than 350 languages to its customers as a “full service provider”.


Professional Translation

Whether you need to reach consumers worldwide, communicate internally with a global workforce, or collaborate with international partners, translation services are a critical element of your strategy. But the translation process can be nuanced and labor intensive.

White Globe was founded on a simple business premise: that unmatched quality and attentive client service could be competitive differentiators in the language services industry. Today, as the world’s largest privately held provider of translation services, White Globe utilizes a rigorously tested network of industry-expert linguists and full-time quality managers to ensure that the work we deliver is second to none. White Globe offers multiple levels of service based on client needs, ranging from draft / summary translation up to certified translation, featuring our multi-step translation and review process to ensure the highest level of accuracy and meet the evolving needs of global businesses.


High-quality Translation

Accurate and timely translation services are essential to the success of any global business these days. But consider the challenges. You might be a large organization that’s overwhelmed with work. Or you could be a smaller business lacking translation resources. In either situation, outsourcing to a vendor with a global presence and extensive translation experience can be a smart solution.

At White Globe, we help global companies translate their words into more than 350 languages, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


Translation Solutions

We offer technology solutions that streamline the process, track translation orders, and enhance productivity.


Document Translation

White Globe today is offering services to more than 30 Industry Verticals. It is amongst one of the leading language services provider offering services to meet your multilingual challenges:

  • Rush Turnaround Times
  • High-Volume Requests
  • Highly Technical Materials
  • Certified Documents


Technical Translation

No matter what sort of documentation you’re producing, accuracy and efficiency are the two most important aspects of technical translation.
The translation of technical content is often more complex and challenging than many organizations first envisage. From structured content to intelligent information many companies have been using Content Management Systems (CMS) to improve their process efficiency by separating content from the publishing format for years. While Technical Communicators and Translators used to work on complete documents nowadays they mostly only work on new and modified text.

By using White Globe’s Technical Translation Services clients can gain the following benefits:

  • Reduced cost. Integrated process from authoring to localization and publishing.
  • Next generation solutions. More effective, Rich Media and Augmented Reality documentation enhances understanding of delivery.
  • Improved speed-to market. Scale, process improvements and automation help maintain milestone achievement.

The scope, scale and quality standards of our technical translation work reflects high quality experience and deep client collaboration. Our consultative approach, custom workflows, and compatible technologies enable the effective reuse of your content across multiple content management and authoring platforms.

White Globe’s Technical Translation Services are available for any print or digital content, including:

  • Apps (AR, VR, mobile)
  • Brochures
  • Diagrams, graphics, & schematics
  • eCommerce/Webshop
  • Instruction manuals
  • Knowledge base
  • Online help
  • Repair guides
  • Safety procedures
  • Technical documentation
  • Training materials
  • User/owner guides


Patent Translation

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, expeditious translation and validation of patents can mean a difference amounting in millions of dollars in revenue. Regularly working with many of the top law firms, as well as many Fortune 500 legal departments, White Globe is recognized for its unsurpassed patent translation turnaround times and unparalleled expertise. With over 10,000 patent documents translated, White Globe has the knowledge and understanding that only an experienced company can offer.

Patent translation requires more than just familiarity with a particular language. The White Globe Linguist Certification (WGLC) Program was designed to ensure that each project is handled by a professional linguist with expertise in the given discipline. White Globe provides you with access to thousands of language and subject-area specialists, including linguists with advanced degrees in fields such as:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Physics
  • Computer Sciences
  • Legal
  • Business Studies
  • Healthcare/Life Sciences
  • Accountancy/Finance
  • Advertising/Communications


Machine Translation

For companies that face extremely high volumes of text, extremely fast turnaround requirements, or both, machine translation can potentially serve as a viable option. On its own, current machine translation technology can’t produce the same level of quality as a human translator. However, depending on time constraints, cost requirements, and end-use, the machine translation process can be customized with the ideal combination of terminology glossaries, translation memory technology, optical character recognition (OCR), and post-translation proofreading by human linguists.

Please contact us to learn more about our machine translation and to talk with our client service team to determine if machine translation is a potential solution for your needs.


CAT Tools

White Globe utilizes leading computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to facilitate reuse of previously translated content stored in translation memory (TM). TM helps organizations cut costs and timelines while improving overall translation consistency, and the benefits in these areas grow over time as TM assets grow and are augmented by tools including  tools in White Globe’s Knowledge Centre which centralize TM assets and manages terminology glossaries, respectively.


Translation Management Technology

White Globe’s Knowledge Centre is building a state of the art Translation Memory technology as a suite of modular applications designed specifically to alleviate manual project management burdens associated with the translation process. The suite of applications is automating the entire workflow and streamlining processes, as well as giving stakeholders direct access to project status reports, managing review processes, and maintaining audit trails. The Knowledge Centre Application Suite simplifies the entire translation process, from submission to release. The end result is improved translation quality, expedited timelines, decreased workloads, and significant cost savings.


Proofreading & Reviewing

We offer Proofreading and Reviewing Services for all document requirements, from business writing and technical manuals, to legal, medical and personal documents. We also provide dissertation and thesis proofing. Reviewing marketing and point-of-sale materials, academic and scientific reports, conference papers, and many other documents that require review or revision.

We are Leaders in the Language Industry