What We Offer

When high call volumes dictate that you need to staff additional call center agents, White Globe’s specialty recruiting teams can provide hand-selected talent to meet your needs. Whether your needs are for full-time, part-time, seasonal, and/or contract engagements, and whether or not they include a language requirement, White Globe can help. With over 20 years’ experience and an extensive network of thousands of linguists and interpreters, White Globe has unparalleled access to a qualified pool of candidates to supplement your internal human resources and recruiting efforts and ensure that you are never understaffed or overwhelmed.


Multilingual Staffing & Recruiting

White Globe’s worldwide network of rigorously tested professional linguists gives us access to some of the most qualified and sought-after bilingual and multilingual talent available. Whether you are looking to fill a full-time, permanent position with a language requirement or simply staff a temporary need, White Globe’s specialized recruiters are experts at matching top-quality talent to your business objectives.

We offer:

  • Language capability screening
  • Comprehensive background checks
  • Worldwide network and reach


Brand Captains

Leading consumer product, retail, luxury, hospitality, and lifestyle organizations each possess at least one unique and valuable asset: their brand. When that brand is expanded across international borders, the challenge of reviewing, monitoring, and approving content sourced from a combination of external vendors, internal resources, and in-country reviewers can be daunting. That’s why White Globe pioneered the Brand Captains program, which includes staffing individuals responsible solely for brand management in the localization process. Each Brand Captain has access to a range of solutions in order to ensure branded materials retain their integrity—anywhere in the world.

These includes:

  • Testing for translators, editors, copywriters, and reviewers
  • Direct collaboration with client brand management and creative teams
  • GlobalLink terminology, workflow, and review management technologies
  • Alignment of globally dispersed resources to keep materials on-brand and on-message


Managed Review

With four primary modes of review services conducted by White Globe-staffed professionals, our managed review options can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

  • 100% remote review  through a hosted platform
  • 100% on-site review where the professionals work at either a secure White Globe facility or a client-designated site
  • Hybrid document reviews where training and case briefings are done on-site and then reviewers operate remotely throughout the duration of the engagement
  • Managed reviewwhich is conducted 100% on-site at a secure White Globe facility in conjunction with our hosted platform offering to monitor, report, and manage workflows. TLS project management teams manage these engagements.


Call Center Staffing

As part of our desktop publishing services we also offer typesetting, which is common when translating content into new languages which demand the use of fonts appropriate and fitting with foreign alphabets.

During translation texts expand and specific fonts do not always share the universal characteristics, qualities and features that make them suitable for foreign languages. For that reason, typesetting services are used to ensure that the visual representation of your content and use of fonts is correct across multiple languages.

We are Leaders in the Language Industry