Multimedia content in your language

Multimedia Localization & Studio Solutions:

Multimedia content helps you inform, educate, and connect with your customers. Consumers worldwide prefer and demand multimedia content, particularly video and animation. Users who get content “their way” are happier and remain devoted to your service. Your company’s brand becomes more visible, which also increases sales.  As the information is easier to understand, it can help lower those absurdly high support costs. Multimedia is becoming increasingly popular as a result, and if your business is worldwide, you must develop it for all of your markets.

White Globe’s Multimedia team creates and localizes audio, video, and animations to engage further with your worldwide audience.

White Globe provides a comprehensive range of multimedia solutions that bring together our global language resources, technology, and project management expertise.

White Globe has a large pool of expert voice actors in more than 350 languages on hand, available to record in various places at many of our partner facilities. We recreate graphics, record voiceovers, and/or create subtitles as we translate, construct, and test videos.

We offer a range of multimedia solutions:

  • Production Lifecycle Support 
  • Voiceover & Dubbing 
  • Subtitling 
  • Transcription 
  • Text-to-Speech 
  • Animations