The retail landscape is global- It’s not enough to just get the product and services in front of new markets, you must consolidate, saturate and to regulate to move beyond borders effectively.

White Globe assists companies to move into new retail markets while keeping the integrity and voice of their brands interact. Our rigorously trained linguistic and our state-of-the-art technology make us the prime custodian for ushering brand into new territories.

White Globe has worked with several leading retail brands on a wide range of projects-

White Globe translated their full range of own brand products into 15 languages. Translations included clothing labels, packaging, and product leaflets, user guides, marketing materials, HR files, and technical documents. White Globe also provided typesetting Later White Globe was mandated to translate HR materials and store signage. As with many retailers, the assignment was often with high volume, and on tight deadlines; requiring the use of specialist retail translators.

White Globe continues to enjoy the trust of the customer and continuously provides translation in a variety of languages, often on tight deadlines, and requiring several technical specialists. White Globe knew their product range very well, which helped us use correct technical terminology, and to provide highly accurate translation. They liked the flexibility of our service, and our account management approach. White Globe worked with several external suppliers. This was important to the Retailer , as they required the consistency provided by a single supplier.

We are Leaders in the Language Industry