The findings indicate that language barriers are in many ways problematic in health care services and Pharmaceutical services and they may have various negative impacts. Miscommunication in the healthcare sector and Pharmaceutical can be life-threatening. The rising number of migrant patients and foreign-trained staff means that communication errors between a healthcare practitioner and patient when one or both are speaking a second language are increasingly likely.

White Globe has been supporting many leading Pharma and Health Care Companies in their R&D, Patent and Marketing Collateral translation. For one of the Customers, the application needed to be submitted to WHO for approval.

In addition, White globe has assisted in Translating document (Medical domain), Patent translation, Interpretation, Video Creation etc in the following languages:

  • Translation medical content and files in the language like Japanese, French, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Uzbek etc.
  • White Globe supported another Pharma Company for Interpretation requirements for languages like Portuguese and French language.
  • White Globe created multilingual video’s for one of the leading South based Healthcare Companies for their Corporate office. White Globe sent its team comprising of Artists, camera man, technicians, director etc to shoot at the location.

White Globe has been working with another Healthcare firm manufacturing herbal and ayurvedic medicines. The customer had issues dealing with multilingual/ bilingual medical practitioner across the globe for multiple projects. White Globe has actively supported the Customer in:

  • Translating their document in the languages like Portuguese, French, Korean, Arabic etc.
  • Voice over services for their POSH videos, Training videos.
  • Interpretation service in the language like Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic and regional language like Marathi, kannada, Bengali etc to their premise.
  • Subtitling and voice over of their corporate and training video for the language like Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, oriya, kannada, Bengali etc.
  • Translation of legal document in the language which were rarely available such as Kyrgyz, Ukraine and many more.
  • Proofreading of the documents that had to be shared across various corporate offices located globally.

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