What We Offer

White Globe offers multimedia services to make information appealing and simple to comprehend.



White Globe provides dubbing and voiceover services to businesses worldwide. We have one of the largest teams of voiceover talents to serve multilingual voiceover needs in all types and styles: Commercial, Narration, Character Animation, Corporate, and Film. We also provide voiceover for game localization. Voiceover enhances the gaming experience and helps personify a character, thus making it seem more realistic and immersive.

Proper dubbing enhances comprehension of content provided in audiovisual products. Improved comprehension of films attracts and makes them popular with larger audiences. Some viewers can connect to dialogues in their native languages, and dubbing is for them. Dubbing is also helpful to visually disabled people because they can not read subtitles.


Subtitling and CC

Proper subtitling of video content enables businesses to reach larger audiences, expand viewership on social media, increase market share, help understand a foreign culture, improve brand building, and improve search engine optimization (SEO). A video with subtitles guarantees you a high rate of return on investment in a global market.  

Closed captioning enhances comprehension and retention of the media material. Close captioning distribute a massage more widely and enhances indexing and searching. 

White Globe provides a variety of closed caption and subtitle styles and will have a dedicated project management team to carefully study each project to determine and recommend the best strategy.


Video Creation

Video help convey messages more efficiently. Videos are used for product advertisement, creating awareness about various schemes, delivering education, entertainment, and describing services. White globe is changing businesses worldwide by creating different kinds of videos for other purposes. Our video creation services involve: 

  • Marketing videos
  • E-learning videos
  • Advertising videos
  • Product description videos
  • Product review videos
  • Documentary films
  • Company profile videos


Image Consultation

Image consultants help improve physical appearance, enhance communication skills, boost confidence, and advise on behaviour. Individuals, corporate executives, business owners, public personalities, and politicians require image consultation services.  

White Globe has served global clients with image consultation services. Our team of professional image consultants develop image strategy based on the desired goals of the plants.


Animation Video Creation

Storytellers use animations to tell stories in unique ways. Irrespective of the age of viewers, animated movies can rekindle the viewer’s imagination. White Globe creates animation videos for businesses across industries. Our clients are education, advertising, marketing, entertainment, gaming, medical, retail, manufacturing, architectural and engineering, and scientific innovation. Our animators work tirelessly to fulfil the high demand for animation videos. We produce different types of animation videos, and they include:  

  •  Traditional animation
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Stop motion
  • Cutout and collage animation
  • Rotoscoping
  • Cel animation



Outside of a live-action shoot, VFX produces video and still images. VFX is the blending of computer-generated elements with live-action footage. In animation or motion pictures, the emergence of visual effects, commonly known as VFX, was a game-changing event. Location, movement of vehicles, sets, fire scenes, and climate visuals can be enhanced by using VFX. 

White Globe provides technically superior VFX and CGI services to our clients across the industry vertices. Our services are cost and time efficient. 


Video Editing & DI

Video editing combines the visuals and audio in a video to create a powerful emotional connection with the audience. White Globe offers custom professional video editing services for your company. White Globe is available to change your video content according to your preferences, including adding text, overlays, effects, animations, sound effects, a logo, an intro, etc. We have a committed group of video editors, and each group focuses on a different segment. Get customized videos created in line with the look and feel of your brand.

We have edited videos for different businesses, including education, music, eCommerce, real estate, manufacturing, finance, technology, infrastructure, healthcare, and food sectors.

We enhance the images by manipulating them with computer software. We provide improved images for business catalogues, corporate magazines and newsletters, operations manuals, and splash pages on a company website.

We are Leaders in the Language Industry