Communicating to the masses is not an easy thing; you must become the best communicator to spread out your word. Many companies while advertising forget the importance of language. Although understanding the cultural norms of any language is the priority in communication. Many European countries have evolved that the fall of many companies in the previous era was due to the lack of communication. Now technology has become all-encompassing and made it easier to communicate in any language. The chances of mistakes have been also reduced by professional language translation services.

White Globe has helped many production houses, news channels in getting their content translated in regional languages for communicating the same to masses.

White Globe is supporting some leading production houses in India in following ways:-

  • Translation and Dubbing of film Script- The production house wanted to translate one of their Film scripts in languages like Chinese Simplified and Korean language and dubbing to be done as well for same script once the shooting is done. The whole project engagement with the production house was from scratch and required support till movie release and marketing engagement.
  • For one of the Production houses, White Globe provided on-site Interpretation service as they had to communicate with Chinese Action director and his team who were supposed to work in an Indian Film with the production house.

We are Leaders in the Language Industry