Today, with even the smallest enterprise potentially serving a global client base, the need to communicate across languages and cultures is growing rapidly. However, cross-context communication is hard and costly. Unless great care is taken, many things can be lost in translation due to translation errors and/or differing interpretations of even correctly translated communications.

White Globe has assisted some very large manufacturers in the world in their language Service requirements.

One of the leading Heavy Industry manufacturer needed our support for Translation services where they wanted to convert O&M manuals and other confidential documents which were required in the production of machinery and installation of the same. White Globe supported them in translation of such documents in the languages like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified) etc. The same customer then mandated us to create multi-lingual training video with animation.

White Globe assisted one of the largest Chinese Consumer Durable Manufacturers in setting up their plant in India by continuously providing Translation and Interpretation Services for One Year. Thereafter, White Globe assisted them with Technical Translation by translating several Operations Manual.

White Globe has already translated more than 50 Million words of Technical documents for many organisations. For one of its Platinum Customers (Leading German Luxury Car maker), White Globe translated and delivered more than 10 Million words in Japanese, Mandarin and Thai in one month.

White Globe has created several Multi-lingual CSR Videos and Animation for these customers. Recently, White Globe was mandated to create a Video cum Animation content detailing the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Policy for a leading automotive manufacturer with plants at multiple location. White Globe created the Video cum Animation content in multiple languages and rolled out the content at all factory locations.

We are Leaders in the Language Industry