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People are three times more likely to buy a product when they’re addressed in their own language.
Is your monolingual content limiting your global growth?



You have achieved tremendous success in your home market. That’s a huge achievement-and not something you can take for granted.

It’s time for you to make sure you can serve international markets just as effectively as your home market. To make every customer feel like they are a click away from home.

Whatever your product or industry, the biggest challenge to international selling is getting translation and localization right.

It’s imperative if you’re a large global company, because international revenue may well make up more than half of your revenue. That means going further by developing products and services specifically tailored to your local customers.

But it’s even more vital if you’re a small, fast-growing company just starting to sell overseas. You want to make a splash, so great localization of your product and promotional material is a must for breaking into a market.

Our suite of translation and localization services is designed for the digital age. Everything we do is customized to bring your products and content to new markets quickly and cost-effectively—and we want them to excel.


Search Engine Optimization

You want to take your products or services to new markets. And you know that you need to engage with your customers in their own language. From buying your product to using it to getting support, they deserve a superior experience with a product that feels local. Give them what they expect and you get increased sales. Brand expansion. Loyal followers. Sounds like where you want to go, right?

We’re the partner to get you there. Translation is where it all begins.

This is how we do it: first we translate, then another linguist edits, then we proofread. We do desktop publishing (DTP) too, so you get localized documents that look the same as your originals.

We mean business. Every year, we translate hundreds of millions of words of content into over 350 languages. We partner with linguists that are experts in all sorts of industries, subjects, and content types. We provide our clients with nothing less than high-quality, timely, and fairly-priced translation services that boost growth in new markets. We’re the partner of choice for many Fortune 500 enterprises and Start-up’s alike.

Interested in translation specifically for documents, web, mobile, video and marketing materials? Feel free to roam around our site.

If you want to satisfy your customers by providing them with an experience in their local language, we’re White Globe. Our deep language and cultural expertise can bring your product home, worldwide.


Marketing Localization

Your marketing content must inspire.  Motivate.  Captivate.  Influence. Across the Globe

You’ve spent a lot of time and money crafting your image, values, and vibe for your original market. And it worked—your growth proves it. Now it’s time to dazzle your buyers across the globe.

Stunning content makes all the difference. It gets your brand out there. Cements customer loyalty. Turns that potential into profit.

Yet, you’ve been around long enough to know that what works in your original market may hit a wall with buyers in other locales. How do you avoid an expensive, epic fail?

This is where we come in.  We have a variety of marketing-specific services that can make your copy pack a big punch in your new markets, such as:

  • Marketing localization. We adapt your advertising copy, web content, brochures, marketing emails, and press releases for each market.
  • Transcreation. It’s a reinvention of your message, not just a word-for-word translation. We recreate highly-branded content like taglines, product names, slogans, and ad copy.
  • In-country copywriting. Sometimes translation or transcreation won’t wow your new markets like you need it to. The content must be uber local; only an in-country copywriter can get it right. We’re talking about things like descriptions, reviews, social media, and other local content.

And if your writers aren’t getting your tone quite right? We create style guides or branding guidelines to make sure your teams around the world know how to unleash your brand’s power.



Localization of Marketing Content is Different From User Content


Multimedia Localization

Multimedia content helps you inform, educate, and connect with your customers. White Globe’s Multimedia team localizes audio, video, and animations to engage further with your worldwide audience.

It’s true: global consumers prefer and expect multimedia content—especially video. When users receive material “their way”, users are more satisfied and customers stay loyal to your product. Your brand gets higher visibility. You’ll see a boost in sales. It can also reduce those staggering support costs since info is more easily digestible. That’s why multimedia is showing up everywhere, and if you are a global enterprise, you have to produce it for all your markets.

Our Multimedia team delivers the interactive experiences that your international users demand. We do it all:

  • Video localization: We translate, build, and test video, including recreating visuals, recording voice, and/or producing subtitles
  • Voiceovers: Our professional production studios narrate in over 150 languages.
  • Subtitles: Give your users the option to read rather than listen with translated subtitles.
  • Animations: We localize, build, and test complex animations.


Website Globalization & Localization

Your website is your face to the world. It’s mission is to deliver similar brand experiences to global customers. How do you plan to get it right?

As you adapt your website for other markets, you’ll need to localize all your digital content. That includes video and multimedia, web and mobile apps—as well as illustrations, specialty graphics, eBooks, and other digital documents.Engage global audiences with website translation services.

You’ve invested time, resources, and budget to create a range of digital content types for customers and prospects. Increase the return on this investment globally with high-quality website translation.

Ensure consistent brand messaging across multiple languages and locales with our services for website localization. White Globe professional website translators will work with your source files (when available) to maintain the integrity of your designs.

Manage global branding and boost audience engagement with website translation services for:

  • Marketing Content: From web copy to eBooks to blog posts, get high-quality translation that resonates with global audiences and maintains the integrity of your original content.
  • Graphics and Desktop Publishing: Make sure that graphic elements are culturally appropriate for specific locales. Our designers and desktop publishing specialists will adapt your assets while retaining their original intent.
  • Video Localization and Production: White Globe video professionals will help you choose a best-fit localization solution to help you engage global customers and prospects. Our specialists are experts with all video and audio formats—as well as HTML5, Flash, and other media files.
  • Multilingual SEO: Implement SEO on a global scale. It’s far more efficient to execute your global SEO strategy during the localization process than trying to optimize sites after launch.

Fact: Visitors stay on a website twice as long, and are 30% more likely to buy from it, if it’s in their own language.


Localization is no longer optional. Your website is your gateway to the global market. Make a great first impression. Pull people in and make them stay. Encourage the purchase and provide support. Help people love your brand. Sounds good? It’s time to call us.


Globalization Solutions

White Globe’s Website Globalization Solutions recreates the experience of your website for each new market. How?

  • Marketing Localization -not just doing a word-for-word translation, but making the content culturally appropriate.
  • Multi-media Localization – multimedia engages users like no other type of content. We translate and engineer banners, videos, and other interactive content.
  • Cultural adaptation —sometimes you have to adjust colors, icons, and images to avoid negative connotations in each market.

Your website is the entry point to new markets, allowing customers to fully experience your brand through the buying cycle: research, purchase, and support. Connect with them through a site that is translated, tested, and totally local—and watch your revenue soar.

With White Globe, the process of creating, launching, and optimizing websites in multiple languages is both simple and cost effective. Whether your site is an informational hub, a brand showcase, a corporate intranet, or an e-commerce storefront, White Globe’s solutions ensure that adapting your site for global markets has never been easier.

Providing a multilingual website is a requirement for a successful global business. Rely on White Globe to help you tell your story with greater impact, across more markets and locales.

If you’re ready to make sure your website packs the emotional punch of your brand in each market, we’re White Globe. We deliver the best online experience to your customers through the globalization of your website.


Search Engine Optimization

You can’t afford that your content—and your customers—get lost on the web. You’ve done Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your home market, but what about your other markets


Search Engine Optimization

Be up at the top of search results. Drive quality traffic to your localized websites. Engage your customers and prospects worldwide. Increase views-to-sales conversions. Sounds good? You need a global SEO program.

And this is where we come in.

Our specialized SEO approach generates traffic and converts visitors to actual leads and sales.  How do we do this?

  • SEO strategy development
  • Keyword research and localization for each market
  • Multilingual content optimization
  • Website translation (using those market-specific keywords)
  • Optimization of already-translated web pages
  • SEO off-site tactics including worldwide outreach and content promotion
  • International technical SEO (Google, Baidu, Yandex and beyond)
  • Analytics and measurements to gauge how well you’ve done

We start by looking at your current SEO strategy and web content. We then create a customized SEO program including technical, on-page and off-page optimization. We continuously monitor and adjust SEO efforts to keep raising the bar. We’ll make sure your content and keywords attract multilingual customers and increase search rankings. Your markets can’t expand without well-crafted SEO.

If you’re ready for your users to find your global website so you can grow your business online, we’re White Globe. We deliver effective multilingual SEO strategies for the world’s top brands.


Multi-lingual SEO / SEM

Top-quality multilingual sites lose value when your audience can’t find them Whether you need to optimize search terms to increase organic rankings for your site, or conduct an international paid search / pay-per-click campaign to drive traffic, White Globe will help you assess the potential impact of every element of your international campaign.

The results:



Mobile App Localization

There are 5 million Apps for smartphones and tablets between Apple iOS and Android. How is yours going to stand out in all that noise?

Globalization creates an opportunity for savvy localization buyers to help their organizations beat competitors to market with truly global content. More than half of global consumers only buy products from apps that provide them with information in their own language. Localizing apps can result in a 148% increase in downloads per country as per a recent study.

On top of that:

  • The number of mobile phone subscribers globally is near 5 billion
  • 90% of activity on mobile devices occurs in apps

That’s an enormous potential market. And an epic fail if your app doesn’t work. About half of all apps get downloaded, used once, and then deleted by unsatisfied users. Don’t let this happen to you. Your consumer will expect an experience that looks, feels, sounds, and performs as if it were created in their home town. Specifically for them. So how is your app going to survive and thrive?

  • Provide it in your users’ languages. Adapt content so that it is appropriate for each market. Make sure it’s easy to use.
  • Provide a positive purchasing experience for your buyers in their own languages.
  • Test your app for any language on any device with any mobile operating system.



Successful app localization requires two important skill sets. One is understanding the complexities of the languages you’re going to use. It’s not simply about changing the words from one language to another. Before you localize your mobile app, you first need to appreciate its intent.

The other skill set you need is a solid grounding in the technical issues involved with app localization. File formats may vary from platform to platform, and knowing how to handle them is a capability you want your developer to have.

At White Globe, we can have a deep understanding of both the language and technical sides of app localization for iOS, Android, and web apps. We can help you with the localization of your app and ensure that the app works as well in new languages as it does in the original language.

Wherever you are in the process, let us help you localize your app for the audiences you’re targeting.



Localize and launch your software across markets

The software localization process involves more than just hiring someone to change the words of your software into other languages. You need a software localization company who understands what works (and what doesn’t) in other cultures. And one who understands the technical requirements involved.

This partner should also have experience with any of the file formats you might provide and know how to protect non-translatable source elements. Why? You want to ensure that when the files come back to you there are no issues.On top of that:

Finally, there’s the task of testing to ensure everything’s working correctly, and that you enjoy a seamless launch.

Simplify your software translation challenges

At White Globe, we have the language and technical expertise to provide software localization services. Our insights and optimized processes help you to save time, money, and rework.

In adapting your content for a target language and culture, we dig deeper to understand end-user scenarios, looking not just at content, but context as well across all elements:

  • Graphics
  • Design/Layout
  • Formatting
  • Functionality
  • Expansion and truncation
  • Cultural relevance and adaptation

We can even help you with simultaneous shipping (sim-ship) of English and localized products.

By working with White Globe, you get an experienced partner with a knowledge of software localization best practices and target markets. Our collaborative approach to developing software translation solutions ensures your software will do more than just work in another market. It’ll create a strong connection with the customers using it wherever they may be. It were created in their home town. Specifically for them.

We are Leaders in the Language Industry