White Globe has customized offerings for the IT Industry and provides comprehensive translation and localization services with an excellent program management capability, agile translation methods, and flexible approach. The technology industry comprising of hardware, software, and the ecosystem of products, solutions, and other technological innovations providers are faced with rapidly changing market conditions and opportunities & challenges for growth in international markets. White Globe offers a full suite of solutions to support product development, release, and support for these organizations. From product manuals and packaging to websites, support materials, and live customer support, our approach to multilingual programs ensures that our customers are able to reach their customers with relevant content in their preferred language.

In of the large assignments with a MNC Bank, White Globe supported the Bank in following ways-

  • Manuals / User Guides
  • Technical Documentation
  • Online Help
  • Packaging
  • Websites & Marketing Collateral
  • End User License Agreements & Terms of Service
  • Patents & Legal Documents
  • Training & E-Learning Materials

White Globe has also supported a leading MNC IT Company for Software localisation- Localizing software is a technically challenging process that goes far behind simple translation. Text typically expands when translated from one language into another (though sometimes its contracts) and these changes can cause problems for software applications that have specific character limits or restrictions for overall string length or on-screen space.

We are Leaders in the Language Industry