Engage International Guests with Linguistically Accurately and Culturally Perfect Translations

White Globe provides quick and efficient hospitality translation services to enable top hotels across the world to provide better international visitor experiences.

Quality Language Translations for Leading International Hotels

White Globe offers expert language services that deliver accurate translations quickly to some of the most well-known hotel brands in the world. To provide the best experience for international guests, international hotel and lodging companies produce a significant volume of guest communication materials in a range of languages.

To ensure the highest level of satisfaction among international visitors, accurate translations of online booking portals, in-room entertainment, hotel service manuals, and food & beverage menus are required. This is why you need White Globe.

We provide language translations that are not only linguistically accurate but also culturally suitable for some of the world's greatest hotels, enabling them to successfully interact with tourists and travelers from around the world.

Only native, qualified linguists with knowledge of the hospitality industry can deliver consistent, high-quality hotel translation services. The use of modern translation technical solutions, such as terminology management for the travel industry, in-context linguistic review, and translation memory leverage, all contribute to the accuracy and efficiency of translation.

The hotel and lodging sector benefits from the unmatched language localization performance of White Globe's next-generation human-machine translation systems.

Online Hotel Booking Translations

Modern hotels, inns, and bed and breakfast establishments rely on the internet for many business activities. The internet has altered numerous businesses. Today, guest communications and reservations are made online.

As a result, hotel owners must translate their websites into the numerous languages used by travellers from across the world to book rooms and other hotel services, including Mandarin, Spanish, and Russian. For the best commercial results, quality website localization—unlike basic document translation—requires the translation vendor to have both linguistic and technological expertise.

For quickly and accurately translating hotel booking webpages, White Globe has created market-leading solutions. With the help of our platform-based website localization technology, the translation process is completely seamless.

As one of the top providers of in-context translation, White Globe's linguists can view each software string within the source website and translate the information with the highest possible accuracy and speed.

In addition to language translation, White Globe also offers localization testing to confirm and correct any linguistic, aesthetic, and functional problems with the translated booking website.

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Food and Beverage Translation Services

Do the menus for your hotel restaurants and eating venues need to be translated? Then don't look anywhere else but White Globe.

We have a large team of fluently multilingual food and drink experts who can quickly and accurately interpret your menus. For each menu entry to be translated flawlessly, quality food menu translation involves more than just linguistic proficiency; it also requires subject matter expertise in foreign cuisine and worldwide cocktail services.

White Globe's skilled linguists can confidently translate your food and beverage menus because we have one of the largest databases of food and beverage terminology.

Hotel Translations in over 350 Languages

White Globe is accredited to ISO 9001:2015. For the hotel and hospitality sectors, we offer unmatched quick and expert translation services. We can always complete your hotel translation assignments on time and within your budget because we have one of the largest teams of knowledgeable linguists and subject matter experts.

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Premier Travel Translation Services in 350 Languages 

For international airports, transportation, hotels, general tourism, online travel booking websites, and more, White Globe offers travel & tourist translation services that are linguistically proficient and culturally sensitive. For international airports, transportation, hotels, general tourism, online travel booking websites, and more, White Globe offers travel & tourist translation services that are linguistically proficient and culturally sensitive.

White Globe Tourism Translations 

Your visitors originate from all over the world, and we are proficient in their languages: Whether it's translating vacation packages, airline brochures, or travel reviews, White Globe can localize at all points in the travel process. For every project, we provide quality, effectiveness, and a depth of experience.

Accurate Aviation Translations for the Best International Traveller Experience

Are you an airline, aircraft manufacturer, or international airport operator who needs a variety of customer-facing documents translated into Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, or any other European or Asian language? Then White Globe is the place for you.

We have the linguistic resources and language technology solutions to ensure that all of your aviation business documents are accurately and quickly translated. We provide comprehensive aviation translation services for online flight ticket purchasing, cabin menus and duty-free catalogs, aircraft manuals, and airport guiding documents. 

Travel E-Commerce 

By definition, travel is global. and hence, even your travel website should be global. The translation platform used by White Globe was created exclusively for services linked to tourism. To mention a few, we can translate service or product descriptions, customer reviews, marketing materials, demo videos, airline details, and travel packages.

Regardless of the volume of translation, White Globe can take your content and prepare it for a global audience. Boutique travel websites, tour operators, travel agencies, smaller vendors, and aggregator websites can use White Globe as a rapid, simple, and cost-effective translation platform for their online and offline material. You can maintain real-time travel information due to White Globe's rapid response time. White Globe offers continual translation at its finest.


Let White Globe help you spread your culinary venture outside your country of origin! To make sure that your cuisine is served in the most enticing way possible, we take into account regional tastes and preferences.

You can reach out to and serve customers from any language or culinary background with the help of our localization services. White Globe offers localization services for a wide range of products, including menus, food apps, delivery applications, packaging for food, user feedback and ratings, and more.


White Globe has the ability to localize every aspect of the flying experience, from publications to safety information and in-flight entertainment. The quickest turnaround time for translations is made possible by White Globe's mobile translation concept.

White Globe can make sure that time-sensitive material is supplied on schedule in the necessary language pairs, such as flight information, flash sales, flight offers, or customer assistance. White Globe treats every airplane passenger like a first-class traveller. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

User Reviews 

One of the best methods for keeping current clients and attracting new ones is through positive user reviews.

In order to maintain a strong online presence that benefits you, White Globe translates user-generated information, including user reviews, travel blogs, testimonials, and other online and social media coverage of your travel services.

We were among the first to target user-generated content with our mobile translation strategy, enabling companies to share user experiences with people everywhere.

Interpretation services

For your business and pleasure travels, White Globe provides interpreters. For attending trade shows, attending business meetings, relocating abroad, or just needing a tour guide for you and your family, a White Globe Interpreter is the best option.

What we offer

  • Extremely fast project turnaround.
  • Unprecedented translation scalability
  • Digital content and social media translation adept.
  • Higher quality with bilingual subject matter experts.
  • Competitive service through efficiency.
  • Mobile translation is enabled.

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