Accurate Technical Translations for the Manufacturing Industry

White Globe provides manufacturing translation services in more than 350 languages with linguistic precision and technical accuracy. With the greatest linguistic translations, we assist multinational manufacturing firms in accelerating their international company growth.

You Can Trust

The top industrial firms in the world rely on White Globe for reliable technical translations that are also competent in other languages. The functions and operating instructions of manufactured products are described in some of the most sophisticated scientific terms and technical expressions by the global manufacturing industries. All of these translations must be accurate and consistent to provide the best experience for international customers and to meet local regulatory requirements with regard to safety.

In order to deliver high-quality language translations on time and within budget, White Globe has one of the largest teams of professional linguists and subject matter experts who have expertise in a variety of manufacturing fields, including aerospace, automotive, medical devices, semiconductors, electronics, and home appliances.

The most effective factory translation services must include the most recent language technology, including terminology management tools, in-context linguistic review portals, and contemporary translation management systems, in addition to the best linguistic resources.

A pioneer in cutting-edge language technologies, White Globe combines all necessary localization tools to provide unmatched translation quality in more than 350 languages. With efficiency and superior linguistic skills, we assist the top manufacturers in the world in dominating international marketplaces.

Our Manufacturing Translation Process

Professional terminology management is the first step in producing high-quality manufacturing translations. During this stage, White Globe assists manufacturing firms in compiling a list of technical terminology and brand names associated with their specific industries, such as aerospace, automotive, or electronics. Our pre-approved linguists with subject matter expertise in the customer's technical field translate these terms. We can effectively develop the basic glossary using terminology mining because White Globe has one of the biggest terminology databases in the world. The best corporate results require a highly collaborative process, and White Globe has the expertise and technological foundation to make it happen. Utilizing our terminology management system, which is the foremost terminology system for each language in the business, our project team will collaborate with the manufacturing client to review and approve the translated words.

The client account on our platform-based translation platform is then updated with the authorized terminology glossary, guaranteeing correctness and consistency for all upcoming translation assignments. We will work with clients to collect legacy translation memory and upload the database to the client's White Globe account for customers who have previously used other translation vendors. To guarantee the flawless quality, the client has the option of having White Globe evaluate any current translation memories.

White Globe localization project managers assign a dedicated team of professional linguists with subject matter expertise matching the company's technical field in the relevant languages to each of our enterprise manufacturing clients. To guarantee linguistic precision and consistency, these linguists will work on the customer's translation projects continuously.

The majority of the terminology problems, mistranslations, missing translations, and linguistic consistency checks, as well as other translation quality assurance and linguistic checking procedures, have been automated by White Globe. White Globe can produce excellent manufacturing translations with the highest level of efficiency thanks to the combination of machine-human solutions.

How It Works

White Globe has made the industrial translation process much simpler. To get an estimate for the translation, you can upload your files. Upon receiving your approval, our pre-approved technical translators instantly begin translating.

Translation Services for Aerospace Manufacturing

Thousands of systems and components are designed and manufactured for the aerospace industry by companies all over the world.. To guarantee that all technical information is delivered accurately and consistently across languages, aerospace translation services are crucial.

In order to provide technically accurate language translations in Spanish, Chinese, French, and all other European and Asian languages, White Globe has assembled a highly skilled team of professional linguists and subject matter experts who specialise in aeronautical engineering and manufacturing. We quickly and accurately translate a wide range of product papers, including engineering specifications, installation guidelines, operating manuals, and owner's manuals.

Automotive Manufacturing Translation

White Globe offers accurate and quick technical translation services to the automotive industry. One of the most globally integrated manufacturing sectors, the automobile industry has a global supply chain for a wide range of vehicle components and auto accessories.

For this reason, you need White Globe. For all of your demands in car production, including owner's manuals, assembly instructions, specifications for collision, engine, and performance parts, and accessories, we offer correct language translations. The highest level of linguistic correctness is provided by White Globe, an ISO 9001-certified translation company that uses SAE J2450 quality assurance best practices.

To learn more about White Globe’s automotive translation solutions, please click here.

Translation for Electronics Manufacturing

White Globe offers high-quality, end-to-end translation solutions for user manuals, software GUIs, product websites, and marketing materials for semiconductors, smartphones, laptops, and all other consumer electronics. To assure the highest degree of localization quality and effectiveness, we have linguistic specialists and cutting-edge technologies.

For semiconductors, cellphones, laptops, and other consumer electronics, White Globe provides high-quality, end-to-end translation solutions for user manuals, software GUIs, product websites, and marketing materials. We have linguistic experts and cutting-edge technologies to provide the highest level of localization quality and effectiveness.

To learn more about White Globe’s engineering translation capabilities, please click here.

OEM Manufacturing Translations

Manufacturing has undergone a major transformation to become more agile, efficient, and scalable thanks to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Engineering specifications, product manuals, training materials, and business contracts are routinely translated to ensure seamless communication with clients, partners, and internal staff in their native languages because many OEM companies are based in lower-cost nations in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. White Globe supports the international operations of some of the top OEM companies in the world by offering prompt and competent translation services.

Lean Manufacturing Meets Lean Translation

Modern manufacturing techniques enable the proper number of products to be produced at the appropriate time, reducing waste (with unused inventory) and boosting productivity. Just-in-time production, often known as lean manufacturing, enables producers to produce goods more quickly and more profitably. Services for translation are not an exception. Agile, on-demand translation services are now needed by an increasing number of manufacturing enterprises in order to quickly and profitably launch products in foreign markets.

With the help of our cutting-edge language technologies, White Globe is without a doubt the market leader in next-generation lean translation solutions.

To learn more about White Globe’s just-in-time translations, please click here.

Translations for Medical Devices Manufacturing

White Globe offers expert translation services for all three classes (Class I, Class II, and Class III) of medical devices in both European and Asian languages. White Globe is an ISO 13485:2016-certified business. We recognize the value of multilingual technical correctness for makers of medical devices because insufficient translation quality can compromise patient safety and lead to transgressions of international regulatory standards. For the development of contemporary medical devices, White Globe offers a comprehensive suite of language localization solutions that deliver unmatched translation performance and the highest level of quality.

To learn more about White Globe’s medical device translation services, please click here.

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The Authority in Automotive Translations

There are many factors affecting an automotive brand’s success in international markets and quality translation and localization play an increasingly important role. The global automobile industry is one of the most competitive fields, not only because car consumers demand the latest makes and models but also because they expect cutting-edge technologies and personalized services to be readily available in the vehicles they purchase. The electric car revolution, autopilot, and self-driving technologies only accelerate the speed of development. This is why car manufacturers today demand professional language translation services that are fluent with the latest engineering advancements and, at the same time, are quickly deployed to the market. White Globe AI-powered, fully automated human translation services provide a much-needed solution that the automotive industry needs to meet rapidly changing international customer demands and grow their global revenue.

Just-In-Time Manufacturing Meets JIT Translation

Toyota invented just-in-time manufacturing in the 1970s so automotive companies could produce cars more efficiently at the lowest costs. White Globe invented just-in-time (JIT) translation to reduce translation turnaround times and respond to our automotive customers’ requirements for fast response. JIT translation is about using modern technology—the Internet, the smartphone, and localization process automation via APIs—to deliver professional human translation services at the fastest speed. The combination of cloud-based, AI-powered, and fully automated translation services deployed on all devices forms the foundation of the White Globe Automotive Translation solution.

Today’s Automotive Translations Demand Faster, Better, and Simpler Solutions

The old language translation service models are time-consuming and involve overly complicated workflows for the modern, rapidly changing automotive industry. Car manufacturers can no longer afford to wait for weeks or even months to get their websites, business documents, and automobile user manuals translated. JIT and lean manufacturing processes today require content to be translated easily and on-demand as engineering developments are carried out. This means the traditional batch and project methodologies for processing high-volume language translations are no longer adequate to meet today’s agile manufacturing processes. This is why White Globe's highly simplified, on-demand, and just-in-time human translation solutions are in such high demand because we’re able to help global car manufacturers accelerate product development and achieve faster success globally.

Continuous Delivery

The digital transformation is disrupting the way companies do business, forcing the automotive industry to adopt an agile and continuous development model. This means automotive translation services must be agile, always-on, and provide continuous deliveries around the clock. White Globe is the leader in next-gen, AI-powered translation technology that fully automates the entire language localization workflow process so businesses can deploy their multilingual content to reach global audiences fast and on a constant basis.

We Translate All Types of Automotive Documents

White Globe has experience translating a wide variety of automotive documentation including owners’ manuals, engineering guides, shop repair manuals, assembly line instructions, training documents, and much more. Just upload your documents in PDF, Word, FrameMaker, or InDesign files to our real-time online translation portal, and White Globe will take care of the rest. Specifically, we translate all of the following technical documents for the automobile sector:

  • Owner’s manuals
  • Engine repair manuals
  • Cooling system specifications
  • Battery assembly instructions
  • Transmission user guides
  • Exhaust system installation guides
  • Parts reference manuals
  • Warranty documents
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Shop repair manuals
  • Brake system documentation

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

White Globe offers high-quality automotive translations with our professionally trained, native human translators who specialize in multilingual localization for the automotive sector. Unlike other translation companies, we offer complete transparency for our translators, so our clients can review their professional qualifications and translation certificates anytime. Better yet, we are the first company to offer our customers the chance to rate our translators’ performance by giving them a star rating. The linguists with three consecutive 5-star ratings automatically become our clients’ dedicated translators. In fact, we’re so confident you will like our services that we offer you a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

What is J2450?

Translations can be subjective due to personal preferences with regards to word choices and language expressions. This is why it used to be difficult to objectively evaluate a document translation. The SAE J2450 was created in the 1990s by a group of automotive companies such as General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler in conjunction with the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) as an attempt to quantify language translation quality. It uses seven-point metrics that can be more easily measured and include such criteria as missing translation, terminology errors, mistranslation, grammar errors, inconsistencies, etc. Since its invention, J2450 has been widely adopted by the localization industry to conduct professional linguistic quality assurance (LQA).