Achieve DevOps Success Globally with On-Demand, Agile, and Continuous Translations

With DevOps-focused translation services in more than 350 languages, White Globe is a leader in the language market. With the help of our lightning-quick, always-on, and round-the-clock software translation and localization solutions, technology enterprises may reach their full potential in international markets.

DevOps Translated Right in 350 Languages

Are DevOps best practises being used by your firm to quicken the software development lifecycle and provide continuous customer experience enhancement on a global scale? You will then need White Globe.

In order to support multilingual DevOps success across all Asian and European languages, we have the linguistic resources and cutting-edge translation technologies. In order to stay competitive, software firms increasingly rely on agile, lean, iterative approaches to continuously lower the time-to-market for new service releases and updates.

To traditional offline translation models, where rigid, slow waterfall localization workflows are the norm, these DevOps operations present special obstacles. For this reason, you require White Globe. We assist businesses in achieving DevOps success globally, one precise translated release at a time.

Introducing White Globe LangOps

White Globe has introduced LangOps to translate software releases most effectively utilizing the DevOps model for continuous translation delivery. LangOps is similar to other DevOps practices like ArchOps and TestOps which concentrate on software architecture design and QA testing, respectively. With a fully automated translation workflow, LangOps receives content (software strings) for translation and then returns translated output. For the highest level of linguistic accuracy, all linguistic outputs are carried out by our pre-approved professional linguists and subject matter specialists. White Globe's on-demand, continuous, and always-on translation solutions are used by LangOps to supply software localization services that are specifically designed for DevOps.

Agile Translation Services

Agile translation tools are required by the current DevOps method of software development in order to quickly and constantly roll out new features in all languages. By concurrently delivering updates in all languages, agile translation services allow software firms to reduce time-to-market internationally, improving worldwide customer satisfaction.

White Globe, a leading translation and localization company, offers quick translation services. Our on-demand, just-in-time translation services are offered across all business content channels and delivered on desktop and mobile devices.

Continuous Translation Meets Continuous Delivery

The continuous delivery of software updates and releases, which makes modest, incremental enhancements instantly available to the end-user or customer, is a key element of DevOps best practises. Constant delivery equates to continuous translation when it comes to software localization.

One of the top translation firms, White Globe provides ongoing services by utilising our always-on, fully automated translation environment across all devices. To enable our clients to execute DevOps across linguistic boundaries, White Globe has created a comprehensive suite of translation APIs that automate the complete continuous translation workflow.

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Software Localization 

For all sorts of software applications, including CRM, ERP, supply chain, office automation, CAD, e-commerce, business process management, mobile apps, and more, White Globe offers professional translation and localization solutions. We offer localized software QA and testing, help-document translation, and GUI string localization.

End-to-end software localization is simple with the White Globe platform translation management system. Even better, in order to provide the best correct language translations, we've added in-context review, which enables our linguists to quickly evaluate each program string on the actual software interface in real-time.

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Engage Customers Globally with the Best Information Technology Translations

With quick and competent information technology translation services in more than 350 languages, White Globe assists IT firms in accelerating their international commercial success. One correctly translated IT product at a time, we help semiconductor equipment makers, technology hardware manufacturers, and software developers keep one step ahead of the competition in global marketplaces.

Accurate Information Technology Translation You Can Trust

Are you a high-tech business launching information technology products internationally and in need of precise translations into Spanish, Japanese, or Dutch of software applications, user manuals, online support, or training materials? White Globe is the only place to look. We offer top-notch language translation services in all Asian, European, Latin American, and most African languages for the IT sector. In order to boost performance and give international clients the best user experience, quality language translation is crucial.

In order to provide the greatest degree of linguistic accuracy and technical precision, White Globe has one of the largest teams of professional IT translators and subject matter experts who specialize in translating for the information technology industry. We disrupt the language market with our cutting-edge technology platform and translation management system, which are powered by AI and machine learning and accessible across all content channels and devices.

It takes linguistic experience, subject matter knowledge, localization best practices, and increasingly AI-powered language solutions that take advantage of the finest machine-human capabilities to provide consistent, accurate IT translation services.

Our expert IT translators can efficiently and on a large scale provide the highest quality language translations for software, technology hardware, and semiconductor equipment thanks to White Globe translation solutions that support machine learning, translation memory, terminology management, and in-context linguistic review. Try the next-generation, agile, and on-demand translation services from White Globe right away to improve the success of your multilingual information technology efforts.

Software Translation Services in 350+ Languages

White Globe is Asia's leading provider of modern translation and localization services for the software sector. We quickly and accurately translate all types of software applications, including video games, online databases, enterprise software, and system software.

The platform-based agile, on-demand, continuous translation services offered by White Globe are designed to suit the iterative, DevOps software development procedures used today for quick application deployment across all languages. The best part is that White Globe's market-leading technology platform enables our expert linguists to see GUI strings as they appear on the user interface (UI) in real-time, ensuring the most accurate language translations the first time around and reducing the need for laborious and time-consuming localization testing and bug fixing. Some of the software applications we translate include the following:

  • ERPs
  • CRMs
  • Virtualization Software
  • CAD Software
  • Ecommerce Platforms
  • Office Automation Applications
  • CAE Software
  • Video Games
  • Internet Services
  • System Software
  • Mobile Apps
  • Learning Management Systems

Technology Hardware Translations

Is your business involved in developing, producing, or distributing computer hardware, storage systems, or ancillary components for global markets? There's a good chance you'll need to translate a range of technical documents, including owner's manuals, operating instructions, and training materials, into Chinese, German, Arabic, Indonesian, and many other languages if you want to attract clients abroad and adhere to local rules and laws. For this reason, you require White Globe.

As a crucial part of our IT localization services, we offer professional translation services for computer hardware. White Globe's expert translators can effectively translate information technology material without losing speed or cost because we have one of the largest multilingual IT terminology libraries in the language business.

The following is a list of computer hardware products we localize:

  • CPUs (central processing units)
  • RAM (random access memory)
  • GPUs (graphics processing units)
  • NICs (network interface cards)
  • USBs (universal serial buses)
  • Motherboards
  • Storage drives
  • Optical drives
  • Network servers
  • Peripheral devices
  • Keyboards
  • Computer mouses
  • Display monitors
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Joysticks
  • Digital cameras

Semiconductor Translation Services

White Globe offers comprehensive IT translation services in all Asian, African, European, and Latin American languages for the global semiconductor business. We quickly and accurately translate a wide range of technical documentation for fabless chipmakers, semiconductor foundries, and capital equipment manufacturers. We have the linguistic resources and localization tools to complete your integrated circuits, microprocessors, or memory chip translation project accurately, quickly, and within your budget, whether it is for Japanese, Korean, Dutch, or any other language.

White Globe provides simultaneous product releases across languages by translating all documentation relevant to semiconductors, including user manuals, technical patents, eLearning courses, and more.

Deliver Better International Customer Experience with the Best AIoT Translations

In order for the AI-powered IoT (Internet of Things) to provide the best consumer experience globally, White Globe works with the top businesses in the world to translate user documentation into more than 350 different languages.

Accurate AIoT Translations for Global Success

AIoT-enabled electronics and home appliances are the wave of the future. By knowing people's daily habits and preferences, they pledge to give a noticeably improved user experience by tailoring services to better suit those needs. However, in order to effectively connect with foreign users in their native languages, AIoT devices must be accurately translated when it comes to global consumers.

Customer support materials, software user interfaces, and owner manuals are all in need of precise and effective translation. For your company to grow internationally faster, you need White Globe, the industry leader in expert language translation services for the AIoT.

One of the top professional translation companies, White Globe uses AI-driven language technology solutions to increase linguistic quality and consistency while shortening project turnaround times and lowering project expenses. For our translators to deliver the finest translation performance on the platform, our sophisticated translation management system can exploit translation memory, enforce terminology accuracy, and assess a range of linguistic checkpoints in real-time.

In order to provide linguistically accurate and technically precise translations in over 350 languages, White Globe has a sizable team of pre-approved, qualified native translators who specialize in the industry disciplines of our clients.

How It Works

AIoT enables network-connected devices to deliver much more than just internet accessibility; it also allows products to learn the owner’s preferences and usage habits in order to provide customized services tailored to each individual’s needs. When it comes to language translations, White Globe has greatly streamlined the process by employing the same design philosophy, allowing our clients to easily get their content translated quickly and accurately. 

User Documentation Translation

Are you a producer of AIoT appliances, electronics, or consumer goods and require translation services for your user guides or customer support materials into Spanish, Chinese, or French? Then look no further than White Globe; we provide the greatest degree of linguistic accuracy on time and within budget.

White Globe uses translation memory technology to assure language consistency while lowering translation costs by ensuring that the same lines are never translated twice. In other words, our per-word translation rates decrease as we translate more papers.

We provide support for user manuals created using a range of authoring programs, including MS Word, FrameMaker, InDesign, XML DITA, and others. Send your files to us by email or upload them to get a translation quote. In order to provide enterprise customers with a better customer experience, White Globe also learns from your prior projects when making automated language and industry decisions.

Product Website Translation

The last thing you want to do is deal with a mediocre translation agency to translate your English-language website for AIoT products into Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and other languages. You spent time and money creating the English version of the website.

With our clients receiving hassle-free website translation and localization procedures, White Globe is a leader in next-generation proxy website translation solutions. You never have to worry about exporting the material for translations again because we completely automate the website translation process using CDN-based technology.

White Globe will handle the rest, including content extraction, translation, setup, launch, and hosting; all you have to do is provide us with the URL of your website. We are able to reduce the turnaround time for website translations as well as expenses since we have automated many of the unnecessary manual touchpoints, and we pass the cost savings forward to our clients.

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Glossary of Terms

AIoT: The phrase "artificial intelligence of things" is referred to by this acronym. Its origins can be traced back to the earlier phrase "Internet of Things," or IoT. Next-generation smart devices that utilise machine learning and big data via the platform to offer consumers specialised services that are catered to their unique preferences and habits are referred to as AIoT. Numerous consumer products, including home appliances, autonomous vehicles, and even robotic companions, can benefit from the AIoT. AIoT devices must be adequately localized in terms of language translations in order to be sold to clients worldwide.

IoT: These electronic or digital devices, often known as the "Internet of Things," are linked to the Internet so they may communicate with backend systems on their own. IoT devices can be remotely configured, followed, and controlled with or without human involvement. However, IoT has received less attention from technology makers in light of recent breakthroughs in AIoT.

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Professional Translation for JSON Data Interchange Format

White Globe offers expert translation services for JSON-based applications in over 350 languages, allowing software companies to quickly and confidently release their Internet applications in international markets. 

Accurate JSON Translations You Can Trust

Are you seeking a seasoned translation agency that can accurately and quickly translate JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) text strings into Spanish, Chinese, French, and Japanese? Then look no further than the White Globe.

We offer JSON translation services in all Asian, European, and Latin American languages that are both linguistically proficient and technically competent. With the help of White Globe's vast experience dealing with JSON, XML, YAML, and other server-to-browser data interchange formats, our customers can quickly and efficiently create high-quality Internet applications in all global markets and languages.

Our expert translators can deliver localised JSON files that are flawless in both linguistic and functional terms thanks to White Globe's intelligent online translation platform, which instantly converts JSON files to text that can be translated while supporting translation memory and terminology management.

The entire translation process is simple thanks to our online translation environment, which offers JSON validator and viewer features in more than 350 languages. Additionally, our browser-based workbench serves as a JSON editor.

Both experienced linguistic resources and knowledge of software localization are necessary for accurate JSON text translation. Web, mobile, and client-server systems are just a few of the platforms for which White Globe has extensive experience translating software.

The text strings for translation are automatically extracted by our sophisticated JSON parser, which also generates the localized JSON files with the appropriate character encoding and syntactical structure.

In order to guarantee that localized JSON software is of the highest quality across all languages and platforms, our industry-leading software localization best practices include UI string translation, linguistic validation, and cosmetic testing.

We specialize in handling international character encoding to ensure that all browsers and operating systems accurately display foreign text. In order to correct text truncation (caused by language expansion) and other formatting issues, we additionally assist our clients with length verification.

To learn more about White Globe’s comprehensive software localization capabilities

How It Works

Professional translation services for JSON, XML, and various data interchange file formats have been substantially streamlined by White Globe, resulting in an efficient localization procedure.

Businesses can request a price by simply uploading their JSON files to our online translation portal and selecting the languages they need. Upon receiving the client's approval, White Globe's devoted professional translators are assigned right away to start translating.

Real-time progress tracking is available to our clients, who can then click a button to instantly download the translated JSON files.

White Globe Translation APIs

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) has grown in popularity as a server-browser data interchange format because of how simple it is to use and how flexible it is. Because of this, the majority of modern web-based apps employ JSON-formatted APIs to send and receive requests and responses.

The sophisticated human translation skills of White Globe can be smoothly integrated with our customers' own content management systems (CMS) for a fully automated translation workflow thanks to the company's own translation APIs, which are also published in JSON format.

White Globe is the perfect option for translating your web-based applications because they have engineering experience working with JSON API development.

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YAML Translation Services

White Globe additionally localizes YAML (Yet Another Markup Language) files as part of our expert JSON translation services to satisfy our clients' software internationalization needs.

YAML translation operations closely resemble the JSON localization procedure because it is a superset of JSON. YAML key-value pairs can be dynamically processed by White Globe's clever online parser for linguistic production by our qualified translators for quality and efficiency.

White Globe automatically creates the localized YAML files after translation review and validation so that our clients can launch their web-based applications right away. We also offer localization and functional testing for clients who need full-service YAML localization help.

To learn more about White Globe’s YAML translation capabilities, please click here.

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