Professional Language Translations for the Electric Power Industry

Electric power equipment manufacturers, national grid operators, and power plants can all benefit from White Globe's expert language translation services in 350 different languages. We swiftly and precisely translate advertising materials, websites, e-learning programmes, and technical paperwork pertaining to electric power.

Precise Electric Power Content Translation Services

Do you work in the electric power industry and need a variety of technical documents translated into and out of English, Spanish, Chinese, and French? Then,  White Globe is your best option.

Our expert electric power translation services cover the majority of African languages as well as all regional languages of Europe, Asia, Latin America, and India. We have the linguistic know-how, subject matter experts, and cutting-edge language technologies required to deliver professional translation services for the electric power business promptly and with high quality.

Thanks to White Globe's platform-powered translation management system, which also offers translation memory and terminology management, our electric power customers may get professional language translations with the highest level of linguistic correctness at scale.

In the developed world, the electric power industry is highly developed and saturated. In order to ensure continuous growth, electric power companies and equipment producers must work to expand their markets abroad. So you need White Globe.

We aid electric power companies in overcoming linguistic barriers by offering high-quality multilingual technical documents and business communication materials on demand to support international power plant development projects, hydropower construction, or international sales and marketing of electric power equipment.

For best ROI and internationalization performance, electric power firms may centrally manage all of their multilingual content and translation efforts in one convenient location using the White Globe platform-based translation management system.

Power Plant Equipment Translation and Localization

Are you a heavy industrial enterprise making power plants, turbines, and boilers for export? You'll probably need to translate a range of technical documents to help clients from other countries and follow local laws and regulations.

The last thing you want to do is employ a mediocre translation company to localize your product documentation with bad quality and a stagnant turnaround after spending a lot of time and money developing your power generation systems and equipment.

You can trust White Globe to efficiently interpret the machinery in your power plant. In order to provide technically accurate and linguistically appropriate language translations for gas turbines, steam turbines, core generators, and power plant boilers, we have a sizable staff of multilingual subject matter experts and native professional linguists who specialize in the electric power sector.

Hydropower Translation Services

Hydroelectricity, a form of renewable energy, provides a safe and affordable electricity source to millions of people worldwide. Hydroelectric companies are required to follow stringent technical requirements as well as international environmental standards when establishing hydroelectric power plants, such as tidal power plants, reservoir impoundment facilities, or other hydropower systems.

These hydroelectric projects necessitate the translation of numerous technical documents into the regional target languages for global regulatory examination and clearance as well as technical contact with international personnel and operators.

White Globe provides ISO 9001:2016-certified electric power translation services in all developing market languages in order to provide both linguistic accuracy and technical precision.

For all types of hydro-mechanical machinery, including massive water turbines, hydro generators, hydroelectric control systems, and digital hydro plants, we offer technical translation services. We also offer maintenance manuals, training workshops, and safety guidelines.

Nuclear Power Translations

Nuclear energy provides a limitless supply of clean, efficient, and effective energy that rivals that of any other source, were it not for the potential risk of nuclear radiation. The multi-billion dollar global nuclear industry has seen a steady growth in the number of new reactors constructed as well as system utilisation at existing power plants due to improved refuelling and safety performance.

White Globe provides professional nuclear power translation services for all types of nuclear technology, including fission, nuclear decay, and nuclear fusion reactions. We have qualified translators and subject matter experts to provide first-rate translation services for nuclear power steam turbines, cooling systems, and electric generators, as well as regulatory filings and technical patents.

Language Translation and Interpretation for Utility Companies

Energy companies provide electricity, natural gas, heating oil, as well as services related to power, to homes, factories, and businesses all throughout the country and the world.

In addition to offering services to an increasing number of customers who understand Spanish, Chinese, and Russian, utility firms are expanding into overseas markets. In order to produce and distribute electricity throughout Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa, developing nations must set up and manage the power infrastructure.

In order to communicate with partners and customers that speak different languages, utility companies must translate a wide range of communication tools.

White Globe provides expert language translation services for energy sales and marketing campaigns, national grid services, and power distribution. We translate a wide range of literature, including websites, technical manuals, press releases, earning materials, and joint venture agreements. We also provide language interpreting services for meetings with international business partners. Send us the papers and a list of the languages you want them in, and we'll take care of the rest.

Content We Translate

  • Technical Documentation
  • Commercial Agreements and Protocols
  • IP and Confidentiality
  • Licensing and Distribution Agreements
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Bid and Tender Collateral
  • Quality-Assurance Manuals
  • Operations Manuals
  • Patents and Legal Documents
  • Commercial Agreements and Protocols
  • Legal Documents and Correspondence

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Best-in Class Language Translations for the Alternative Energy Industry

White Globe offers alternative energy translation services in over 350 languages, allowing our clients to achieve greater international success despite linguistic barriers. 

Alternative Energy Content Translations by Subject Matter Experts

Do you need your alternative energy (AE) documents to be translated between English and Chinese, English and Portuguese, English and German, or English and Indian regional languages? If so, contact a localization company with experience in those fields. Then don't look anywhere else but White Globe.

For a variety of renewable energy systems and technologies, including solar energy, wind power, hydroelectricity, biomass power, and nuclear energy, we offer scientifically precise and linguistically fluid translations.

With the greatest degree of accuracy and efficiency, White Globe's huge team of in-country native speakers and multilingual subject matter specialists in more than 350 languages specializes in translating for the alternative energy sector. One expertly translated technical document at a time, we assist our clients in the alternative energy sector in overcoming linguistic barriers to international communications in foreign markets and expanding their global revenue.

For the platform, White Globe has redefined expert translation services for the alternative energy sector. For unmatched localization ROI, our linguists can work at their peak efficiency thanks to our online translation technology solutions.

Now, businesses can upload source language documents for a quote on our web platform. Our pre-approved linguists with the appropriate subject-matter expertise are instantly assigned to start translating after receiving confirmation.

The material will be sent to clients at their designated email addresses. Even better, White Globe employs translation memory technology to ensure that the same lines are never translated twice, saving time and money.

In order to ensure that all crucial technical words and product names linked to alternative energy are translated correctly and consistently across all kinds of content, White Globe assists our enterprise clients in developing multilingual glossaries.

Solar Energy Documents Translated Right

As solar-plus-storage advancements make solar a workable substitute for traditional energy sources, the solar energy industry is experiencing a significant uptick in global acceptance.

A variety of expert translation services are available from White Globe for solar panels, battery storage systems, and solar-powered goods like electric vehicles and home appliances.

For our clients to confidently engage with international customers across linguistic barriers and increase revenue globally, we translate technical documents, websites, eLearning courses, and marketing collateral between English and Chinese, English and German, English and Japanese, and 350 other languages.

To learn more about White Globe solar energy translation solutions, please click here.

Wind Power Equipment Translations

If you make wind turbines or wind power generators, do you need to translate your user manuals, safety instructions, maintenance manuals, or marketing materials to satisfy global customers and adhere to regional laws?

White Globe offers online and on-demand language translation services that are quick and accurate for a variety of wind energy products and solutions. Just provide us the necessary paperwork linked to wind energy, and we'll take care of the rest.

To help our linguists achieve the finest translation accuracy and consistency, White Globe has one of the largest multilingual terminology databases for phrases and expressions linked to wind power and renewable energy. To get a quote, just upload the documentation for your wind turbine to our online translation platform.

Professional Translation Services for Hydropower Organisations

Industry surveys show that almost 70% of the renewable electricity produced worldwide is produced by hydroelectricity. One of the cheapest forms of sustainable energy is hydropower, which is produced extensively in more than 150 nations.

Hydropower is one of the fields in the renewable energy market that is most translated due to its widespread use around the world. For this reason, you need White Globe. We work with the top hydroelectricity firms in the globe to translate a range of technical materials from English into Asian, European, Latin American, Indian regional, and African languages for hydropower systems, equipment, and plants.

Biomass Energy Content Translation for Global Success

The biotechnology revolution is changing the renewable energy sector in ways that were unthinkable even a decade ago. In particular, biofuels produced through biological processes like agriculture and anaerobic digestion not only offer a substitute for fossil fuels as a source of energy but also lower carbon emissions due to their cleaner burning.

For the production of biodiesel from transesterification or bioethanol from maize, White Globe assists our clients in translating a variety of biomass content (technical documentation, training materials, or technology patents) so that enterprises can confidently expand in international markets.

In order to ensure the most effective multilingual operations on a global scale, White Globe's platform translation ecosystem enables our biomass energy clients to centrally manage all of their translation projects and localization assets, such as translation memories and terminology glossaries, in one central location.

Technical Translations for Tidal Power

The enormous ocean shorelines of the planet provide tremendous possibilities for the generation of electricity in the future by utilizing renewable energy from ever-changing tides. New cross-flow turbines, dynamic tidal power, and grid-connected wave power systems are a few examples of emerging technology that make sustainable tidal electricity generation a reality.

For this reason, you require White Globe. We support the top tidal power firms in the world in scaling up their renewable energy options for global success. In addition to 350 other languages, White Globe accurately and quickly translates a range of technical texts on tidal power into Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indian regional languages, and English.

Professional Nuclear Energy Localization

Your organization may need technical documents translated into a number of European or Asian languages if it is working on nuclear energy development. Then look no further than White Globe.

For a range of nuclear fusion and fission industries, as well as for the next generation of nuclear technologies, we offer technically precise and linguistically accurate language translations.

Safety is always the primary concern while producing nuclear energy. To comply with international laws and provide the finest service possible to customers abroad, you must expertly translate a range of safety information. Find out how White Globe may help you accelerate the success of your worldwide business by speaking with one of our technical translation consultants right away.

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Fast-Track your Global Success with the Best Oil & Gas Translations

The best petroleum translation services are provided by White Globe to the top oil and gas firms in the globe in order to connect with international clients. Our language translation services enable our clients to outperform their rivals by swiftly and affordably distributing top-notch multilingual content to customers around the world.

Accurate Translations for the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas sector is a heavily internationalised industry with a significant global presence. Activities related to oil exploration, reprocessing, and transportation are carried out globally in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

In order to localise oil and gas papers from English into numerous other languages including Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Indian regional languages, or Latin American Spanish, as well as vice versa, all of these cross-border commercial operations require high-quality language translation services.

For technically accurate and linguistically fluid oil and gas translations for all forms of technical communication documents, multilingual company contracts, international training courses, and marketing & sales literature, you need White Globe, Asia's top language service provider.

To assist our oil and gas clients in overcoming language obstacles in more than 350 languages, White Globe combines professional local linguistic resources with cutting-edge technology.

Because we work with the best professional linguists and oil & gas subject matter experts and then back them up with our cutting-edge translation technologies, which include market-leading terminology management, translation memory leverage, and in-context linguistic review, we are able to consistently deliver the highest level of translation accuracy for a full spectrum of oil and gas businesses.

Enterprise translation services for the upstream, middle, and downstream segments of the oil and gas sector are redefined and streamlined by White Globe's cutting-edge platform-based translation management system.

Translation Automation for Oil & Gas

Oil and gas firms frequently need a variety of papers and communication messages translated on-demand and precisely to fulfill the needs of worldwide clients and local regulatory authorities due to their geographically and linguistically diverse business activities.

It is difficult for traditional offline translation models using ad hoc methods to meet these translation service needs because they are typically created by regional offices and/or multinational project teams in a highly decentralized manner.

Due to their geographically and linguistically diverse business activities, oil and gas companies typically require a variety of papers and communication messages translated on-demand and precisely to satisfy the needs of international clients and local regulatory agencies.

These needs for translation services are generally developed by regional offices and/or global project teams in a highly decentralized way, making it challenging for traditional offline translation models using ad hoc techniques to meet them.

White Globe makes it simple for oil and gas companies to track all translation-related expenses and activities and to calculate ROI.

To learn more about  White Globe’s automated translation solutions, please click here.

Best-in-Class Oil & Gas Translations

Due to a number of causes, including the growth of renewable and alternative energy sources, the saturation of rising markets, including China and Russia, and the shale gas revolution in North America, the global energy market has grown more competitive.

Oil and gas corporations were driven to use cutting-edge extraction techniques (fracking, horizontal drilling) to boost oil production at already-existing wells as a result of the slump in oil prices between 2014 and 2016.

Due to all of these advances, energy companies now need expert language translation services that can keep up with these cutting-edge engineering developments while also enabling them to distribute their goods and services most effectively throughout the world.

White Globe is a leading company offering modern oil and gas translations.  Our platform's AI-powered, lean enterprise translation services give the oil and gas sector a much-needed way to satisfy fast-shifting international consumer demands and boost revenue globally.

Precise Translation for Oilfield Services 

Are you a provider of upstream oil and gas exploration, extraction, or transportation services? When it comes to all of your product localization needs, you've discovered the ideal language translation partner.

We have one of the largest teams of multilingual subject matter experts and professional linguists who are well-versed in the most recent advancements in oil and gas exploration and extraction, engineering procedures, equipment production, and oilfield services.

Asia's top language service provider, White Globe, uses cutting-edge enterprise translation technologies. The platform enables our team to quickly and efficiently provide linguistically accurate and technically exact oilfield translation services. In Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and more than 350 other languages, White Globe assists the most successful oilfield companies in the world with their commercial success.

Professional Translation for Upstream

White Globe has the appropriate language localization solutions for all your demands related to oil and gas translation, regardless of whether you are one of the Supermajors, Independents, or National Oil Companies (NOC).

User guides, safety instructions, business contracts, and training materials are just a few of the technical papers we quickly and accurately translate into other languages, including Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, and all of the major Asian, African, Indian, and European languages.

White Globe's expert linguists can always translate your technical documents accurately and effectively because we have one of the largest multilingual terminology databases for oil wells, drilling, and oilfield services.

Enterprise translation services from White Globe have been streamlined to a contemporary online approach, enabling upstream oil and gas firms dealing with the top oil reserves in the world to centrally manage end-to-end localization processes on the platform.

The next-generation translation management system from White Globe integrates translation projects, linguistic reviews, terminology management, multilingual document search, translation memories, and billing in one place. A significantly more efficient language localization process that offers unmatched translation performance, time-to-market, and ROI is the end result.

Technical Document Translation for Downstream

If your business specializes in refining crude oil, purifying unprocessed natural gas, or constructing pipelines for the transportation of oil, it may be necessary to provide multilingual technical documentation to your foreign clients and workers. Then look no further than White Globe.

We use one of the largest groups of technical translators who have undergone extensive training to accurately and linguistically interpret a wide range of downstream business and engineering documents. The leading downstream enterprises in the world are helped by White Globe, an ISO 9001-certified translation company, to accelerate their international success with on-demand and scalable localization solutions in more than 350 languages. White Globe has mature localization processes and language best practices.

To learn more about White Globe’s technical document translation solutions, please click here.

Industrial Translation for Oil Refineries

Are you in the business of processing crude oil to create petrochemicals, liquefied natural gas (LNG), kerosene, diesel fuel, or gasoline? It's likely that youyou will require accurate and quick translation of a range of business and/or technical papers.

The modern refinery plant uses sophisticated industrial equipment and processes that produce a ton of documentation, including engineering manuals, operating instructions, safety manuals, and environmental protection guidelines, all of which must be translated for clients from abroad or staff who are from different nationalities.

To assist with translating your technical documents into more than 350 languages, White Globe offers a large team of professional linguists and subject matter specialists with specific understanding of oil refining. White Globe constantly provides the greatest degree of linguistic quality because of our extensive multilingual term base for enhancing relevant terminology.

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Build, Deploy, Operate and Scale Your Solar Energy Solutions Globally with the Best Solar Energy Translation Services

White Globe's fast and precise solar energy translation services help the world's leading renewable energy enterprises overcome language hurdles and expand more swiftly in international markets.

Accurate Solar Energy Translations for Your Global Success

Do you need technical manuals, compliance documentation, marketing materials, or technology patents translated into Chinese, French, German, or Japanese? Are you a manufacturer of solar energy systems and equipment? Then look no further than the White Globe.

We provide linguistically precise and technically exact solar energy translation services in over 350 languages to help our clients' businesses stay one step ahead of the competition in global markets. Whether you need your photovoltaic power system or solar energy storage equipment translated to capture a greater share of the global solar energy market, we have the linguists and cutting-edge translation tools to do the process properly, swiftly, and on a large scale.

Consistent, high-quality solar energy translation services demand linguistic skill, industry subject matter knowledge, localization best practices, and increasingly, AI-powered language technology in order to achieve multilingual consistency and scalability.

White Globe, an industry leader in localization, assists our solar energy clients in reducing their time to market, increasing their global income, and offering the best possible international customer experience through on-demand and platform-based translation solutions.

Our cutting-edge, cross-platform translation capabilities and real-time, in-context linguistic review solutions reinvent how enterprise information is continuously translated with unparalleled quality and performance.

Speak with one of our solar energy translation specialists right away to learn more about how White Globe can help you achieve your goals for solar energy locally and internationally.

Solar Energy Storage Translations

As more families across the world migrate to solar-plus-storage solutions from conventional power sources, the use of rechargeable batteries and other solar energy storage technologies is growing quickly.

This opens up a tremendous opportunity for both existing companies and new ones that have the foresight to develop a worldwide marketing strategy. Because the sun shines everywhere, the adoption of solar energy will prove to be the next important economic driver globally.

In order to help companies expand their market share in the global solar market, White Globe collaborates with our clients to translate information for each step of the lifespan of a solar storage device.

We have multilingual subject matter experts and linguistic proficiency to rapidly and accurately translate all of your solar storage information. Even better, our solar storage translation solutions make use of terminology management and translation memory to reuse previously translated content while guaranteeing the highest degree of linguistic consistency and technical accuracy.

Solar Power Content Translated Right

The solar energy industry is developing a wide range of cutting-edge technology to convert sunshine into power. In order to effectively translate technical material, such as user manuals, instruction manuals, or technology patents for solar panels, inverters, or power production monitoring systems, the translation vendor must have strong technical competence in the solar power manufacturing industry.

Your photovoltaic power systems (PV) or concentrated solar power (CSP) products can be translated by the expert linguists and subject matter experts at White Globe with the highest level of language and technical accuracy. White Globe's expert translators can translate your solar power equipment swiftly and confidently because we have access to one of the largest databases of multilingual language.

Solar-Plus-Storage Translation Solutions

Millions of houses around the world will have access to self-sufficient energy sources thanks to solar plus storage (SPS), which offers a viable alternative to the traditional grid and electricity poles and is expected to be worth billions of dollars by 2025.

Continuous investments in cutting-edge bifacial (as opposed to mono-facial) solar panels and high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries are accelerating the global deployment of solar plus storage systems. This is why you need White Globe.

Solar Energy Training Translation Services

Are you producing e-learning and training modules to inform customers, partners, and employees about your solar products? You'll likely need to convert your solar energy eLearning materials into a number of languages, such as Chinese, Hindi, and Indonesian.

This is why you need White Globe. Our end-to-end eLearning translation and localization solutions, which include text translation, audio transcription, subtitling, voice-over recording, and multilingual quizzes in all European, Indian regional, and Asian languages, are used by some of the world's most prosperous companies.

Whether you need a single eLearning project translated or fully integrated translation solutions for your LMS (learning management system) content, White Globe has the linguistic proficiency and technical know-how to deliver the best results.

To learn more about White Globe enterprise eLearning translation solutions

Solar Panel Content Translation Services

A significant portion of the solar energy business is the industrial production of solar panels that use high-efficiency photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. These solar panels are then shipped all over the world after being installed on rooftops for consumer use or in solar farms that supply electricity for national grids.

White Globe translates several technical papers, including installation guides, safety warning labels, operating instructions, and maintenance manuals, to help our solar manufacturing clients stay compliant with foreign regulations and boost their worldwide revenue. Along with translating solar panel literature, we also provide professional software localization services for monitoring and management systems for solar panels.

Alternative Energy Content Translation

In addition to translating technical documents and websites for the solar energy sector, White Globe also provides professional translation services to a number of alternative energy companies, including those in the fields of wind power, biomass, hydropower, geothermal, tidal power, and nuclear energy.

For each customer in the alternative energy industry, White Globe assembles a dedicated team of qualified translators and subject matter experts with in-depth domain understanding in the pertinent technical field in order to deliver the most accurate multilingual results.

Even better, White Globe's platform-based translation ecosystem enables us to centrally manage all of our alternative energy clients' multilingual assets on the platform for simple distribution, searching, and referencing. This includes terminology, language style guides, translation memory, and all localized documents.

To learn more about White Globe's alternative energy translation solutions

Solar Powered Products in 350 Languages

The solar revolution is fundamentally shifting the balance away from fossil-based power sources and toward renewable energy, resulting in everything from solar-powered cellphones to electric cars. The list of solar-powered products that White Globe helps its clients translate covers over 350 languages.

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