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Thanks to White Globe's swift and effective translation services, the greatest colleges and universities in the world can confidently engage potential international students and their families across 350 languages. We help academic institutions succeed internationally by providing excellent academic translations one academic document at a time.

Accurate University Translations You Can Trust

Are you attempting to boost the number of foreign students who attend your institution? You most likely need a variety of marketing and instructional materials translated into Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, and Vietnamese in order to effectively connect with international students and their parents. This is why you require White Globe.

We provide reliable translations that are also culturally aware and linguistically accurate into all regional languages spoken in Asia, Europe, Latin America, India, and the majority of African languages.

All types of educational content, including university websites, curriculum materials, F1 visa paperwork, student transcripts, research papers, and parental consent forms, can be translated accurately and quickly by White Globe.

The best part is that our industry-leading platform-based translation management system was developed with schools and universities in mind, allowing them to centrally manage all of their multilingual translation and localization efforts in a single, straightforward location, enhancing efficiency and transparency.

Both public and private universities are seeing a considerable increase in tuition revenue thanks to international students, and this trend is likely to continue.

The global coronavirus pandemic has only served to accelerate this trend and make it easier for universities to accept international students from all over the world as Zoom-based virtual courses and online video conferencing become more widespread. There is an increase in demand for university translations as colleges and universities rush to take advantage of these new business prospects.

White Globe provides the linguistic resources, localization best practices, and language translation technology to help our university clients become successful globally by offering high-quality multilingual content at scale. To learn more about the comprehensive university translation services offered by White Globe and to improve your multilingual localization performance, please get in touch with one of our school translation experts right now.

White Globe serves as the go-to translation provider for some of the most well-known organizations and colleges in the world.

University Website Translations

One of the most effective ways to promote your university to prospective international students and their families is to have your English website professionally translated and localized into Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, and other languages so that international students and their parents can learn about your educational programs and academic achievements.

White Globe has done a lot of translation work for university websites made with a variety of content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, Drupal, Angular, React, Django, or Spring.

Our professional website localization solutions include text translation, visual localization, multilingual video subtitling, cultural analysis, localization testing, and localized website hosting.

With White Globe's proxy website translation solutions, colleges and institutions may quickly translate their websites without the need for time-consuming, manual text import and export.

To learn more about White Globe's comprehensive website translation solutions, please click here.

University Document Translations

White Globe provides expert language translation services for a range of university documents, including transcripts, recommendation letters, application packets, admissions policies, research papers, and student handbooks.

Our team supports all document kinds, including MS Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, Excel, FrameMaker, and others. White Globe's document translation solutions support translation memory and terminology management to deliver the most precise and consistent linguistic results while saving expenses.

Send your documents to our online translation portal or upload them to receive an immediate quote. As soon as you confirm, our skilled educational linguists will start translating. You can get your translated papers with just one click.

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Online eLearning Course Translations

Many colleges and organizations now offer self-paced online courses to enable students to learn independently and earn college credits or bachelor's and master's degrees. For institutions to reach a larger audience globally, these eLearning courses frequently need to be adequately translated for overseas students.

White Globe has established processes for localizing interactive quizzes, adding multilingual voiceovers to movies, adding subtitles, and performing other e-learning tasks.

We have qualified linguists with particular subject matter expertise for a variety of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Indonesian, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Nepali, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Indian regional languages, and Vietnamese.

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University Interpretation

Do you need on-demand interpretation services for workshops, virtual student tours, or parent conferences? The only place to look is at White Globe.

We provide professional interpretation services to educational institutions, resulting in better results than ever before because of our highly efficient online operations.

Traditional translating services for universities are expensive and difficult to organize. White Globe has addressed the challenge and significantly improved the effectiveness of acquiring language interpretation services for schools and institutions with an easy-to-use online booking system.

Visit our Interpretation Services page for in-depth discussions of our online and on-demand capabilities.

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Distance Learning Translation to International Success

The top institutions and businesses in the world can safely engage and teach worldwide distance learners and students across languages thanks to White Globe's on-demand online course translation services.

Urgent Virtual Learning Translations

As a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, tens of thousands of educational institutions have been forced to close their doors, forcing students and professors to turn to online courses and remote instruction.

Learning platforms and course designers must translate a range of information into languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian regional languages, and more in order to provide international students with the best distance learning experience possible. White Globe is ready to help. With quality and efficiency, we offer on-demand translations for remote learning in more than 350 languages.

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Fast and Accurate Online Course Translations

With one caveat, the internet has helped to bridge the vast linguistic and cultural gaps that once separated people from one another. This becomes more clear when attempting to attract foreign students to university distance learning courses that are offered in many languages.

White Globe can help the top institutions and businesses in the world translate their online courses quickly and accurately, which is why you need us. We have the linguistic resources and online language localization technology to convert your distance learning materials into over 350 languages for the highest return on investment, regardless of whether you are generating your content for distance learning using Coursera, EdX, or Future Learn.

For university-level courses in a range of subject areas and academic disciplines, including engineering, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, physics, mathematics, business, computer science, and others, White Globe offers linguistically proficient and technically accurate language translation services.

We achieve this by hiring native-speaking professionals with the appropriate subject-matter expertise and assisting them with market-leading language technologies like terminology management, translation memory, and real-time, in-context linguistic assessment.

White Globe automates many of the non-essential manual procedures inside the conventional localization workflow to continuously improve our translation process.

With speed and scale, we provide technically precise and linguistically accurate distance learning translations. 

To hasten your worldwide success, speak with one of our distance learning translation consultants right away.

How It Works

White Globe has modernized professional language translations into a platform-based model, much like universities and colleges that have embraced online digital learning solutions. We use AI and machine learning to efficiently streamline and automate the production of your course materials while enabling our qualified linguists to confidently translate the content.

Distance Learning Translation for Generation Z and Beyond

Because they grew up with the Internet and have a stronger acceptance of the digital way of life of the 21st century, studies reveal that people born after 1995 are becoming more and more used to online distance learning. The global learning economy will grow to trillion-dollar size as a result of this trend.

Online learning that is self-paced has many advantages over traditional classroom instruction, including increased effectiveness, affordability, quality, and flexibility. Distance learning has the potential to drastically disrupt the way students obtain a college degree, much like Amazon did for the brick-and-mortar purchasing experience.

Quality language translation is necessary when providing your online courses to foreign students, nevertheless, in order to succeed on a global scale. The good news is that translating your online courses quickly and accurately is not a difficult task. White Globe offers the language expertise and cutting-edge tools to assist our clients with the translation of the materials used in remote learning, one course at a time.

eLearning Translation for Corporate Training

White Globe offers some of the top businesses in the world e-learning localization solutions in addition to distance learning translations so they can train their multilingual workforce, clients, and partners in over 350 languages.

In addition to online learning management systems (LMS) like Decebo and others, we work with a number of eLearning authoring tools like Articulate Storyline and Elucidate.

In order to offer our clients on-demand, continuous learning translation services, White Globe has experience integrating completely automated eLearning translation workflows with third-party eLearning platforms.

To learn more about White Globe eLearning translation solutions, please click here.

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