Best-In-Class Airline Translation Services in 350 Languages

White Globe offers airline translation services in more than 350 languages that are both linguistically proficient and technically accurate. One precisely translated airline document at a time, we assist multinational airlines in providing international travellers with the greatest multilingual air travel experience.

Fast and Professional Airline Translations You Can Trust

To engage international passengers and expand their business globally, international airlines must translate a variety of passenger communication materials, such as safety instructions, marketing promotions, entertainment, and e-commerce content, between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and Portuguese, and many other languages.

White Globe offers quick and reliable airline translation services to aid airlines in reviving their global trade in the post-coronavirus era. The world's largest airlines are able to succeed in multiple languages and increase their international passenger loyalty because of the large team of skilled local translators and multilingual subject matter specialists working for them.

In order to support a variety of airline business activities with demonstrable quality, White Globe offers a selection of multilingual material in over 350 languages. To achieve the best multilingual results, we use top expert linguists and cutting-edge translation technology solutions that use translation memory and terminology glossaries on the platform.

We have the linguists and cutting-edge translation tools to execute the work correctly and quickly, whether you need your marketing and promotion translated into Chinese, a travel booking website into Spanish, or an international crew training program into Vietnamese or German.

Talk to one of our aviation translation consultants today and see how White Globe can help your airline company achieve greater global success.

Airline Reservation System Translations

Global distribution systems (GDS), which enable airline firms to work with independent travel agents and other distribution channels as well as passengers themselves to check pricing, schedule flights, and buy tickets, are commonly used to make bookings for modern airlines. The online application interfaces and supporting materials for the global deployment of airline reservation systems must be precisely translated into the local languages of the users to provide the optimum business ROI. For this reason, you require White Globe.

We offer verified-quality airline reservation translations in all European, Asian, and African languages that are both linguistically accurate and culturally sensitive.

White Globe has developed the industry's leading website and software localization technology, allowing our linguists to observe software strings in context while translating. As a result, we may avoid expensive and time-consuming reworks and greatly increase linguistic accuracy the first time around.

To increase technical uniformity while lowering translation costs and turnaround times, our online translation ecosystem also provides translation memory and airline terminology management.

Airlines' reservation systems are not immune to the growing demand in modern DevOps for agile, incremental, and continuous translation solutions. White Globe has a solution, which is good news.

Our next-generation, always-on, 24/7 translation solutions are perfectly suited for multilingual airline reservation system localization, and we are Asia's top language service provider.

Multilingual In-Flight Passenger Content

Global airlines must provide multilingual in-flight passenger material in addition to a variety of passenger communication tools, including entertainment, safety instructions, marketing promotions, and e-commerce content.

White Globe translates all of these materials between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and Portuguese, and many more languages in order to draw in foreign clients and broaden operations internationally.

Modern in-flight translation requirements have increased the demand for on-demand, continuous, and agile translation systems that best utilise machine-human capabilities to achieve scale while providing the highest level of linguistic quality.

In order to meet your multichannel translation needs, you need White Globe, a leading supplier of cutting-edge translation solutions for our clients in the airline sector.

Enterprise-wide content localization can be sped up in real-time by using the platform-based translation management system from White Globe, which enables organizations in the airline industry to centrally manage terminology, linguistic assets, translation memory, and multilingual documents.

EMD Translation Services

Because of the increased competition within the airline industry brought on by rising fuel prices, deregulation, and low-cost carriers, airline companies are compelled to unbundle passenger services in order to generate additional money.

The Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) standard has been produced by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in addition to electronic tickets for use in electronic sales and other passenger-airline transactions.

To meet the needs of customers from other countries, you probably need to translate these transactions. The good news is that White Globe provides the necessary localization capabilities for a quick translation of your entire EMD content into more than 350 languages.

International Flight Crew Training Translation

Do you intend to translate your online course so that it may be used to train your global staff? You've just located the ideal provider of language services. Technical document translation and eLearning localization are both part of our expert aviation translation services.

For learning content created with a variety of eLearning tools and enterprise LMS (learning management systems) available on the market, White Globe offers end-to-end eLearning translation solutions. Text translation, video subtitling, voice-over, and multimedia programming are all included in our eLearning solutions.

To learn more about White Globe's comprehensive eLearning translation services.

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Achieve Global Aeronautics Success with the Best Aviation Translations

White Globe offers translation services for the aviation sector in more than 350 languages that are both linguistically correct and technically precise. One perfectly translated aviation document at a time, we assist enterprises in the aeronautics industry to confidently deal with international clients, airline partners, and aircraft component manufacturers.

Accurate Aviation Translations You Can Trust

Do you need language translations for your business to expand internationally? Do you work in the manufacturing of aircraft, commercial avionics, MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), or flight simulation & training? Then don't look anywhere else but White Globe. We offer accurate and quick professional aircraft translation services in all Asian, European, and Latin American languages.

One of the largest teams of professional linguists and subject matter specialists in the language industry, White Globe focuses on providing high-quality translations for avionics, flight instruments, aviation engineering, and electronic components used in aeroplanes. The highest level of linguistic accuracy and technical precision is achieved using our next-generation translation technology platform, Lang Tech, and translation management system, which supports translation memory, multilingual terminology management, and in-context review without compromising productivity and scalability.

Improved global connectivity between continents, nations, and cultures is the aim of aviation. Therefore, the success of an aircraft company's global commercial operations depends heavily on language translation. However, reliable, high-quality translations for the aviation industry increasingly call for AI-powered translation solutions that take advantage of the finest machine-human skills in addition to linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, and localization best practises.

White Globe is the top language services provider in Asia. With its agile, continuous, automated, and scaleable human translation services, we help our clients in the aviation sector dominate worldwide markets while generating the maximum return on investment.

Accelerating Aviation Success Globally in the Post Coronavirus World

COVID-19 had a negative impact on the aviation sector because it nearly brought an end to international air travel. Following the widespread availability of vaccines, the previously suppressed demand for international travel exploded in the post-pandemic world, creating enormous potential for aviation businesses preparing to relaunch the global aerospace industry.

For this reason, you require White Globe. Our precise and timely professional aviation translation services enable our clients to successfully interact with customers from around the world despite linguistic limitations. White Globe provides quick multilingual content deployment in all Asian, European, Latin American, and African languages to enable aerospace supply chain customers and aircraft businesses to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Jet Engine Translation Services

Are you a manufacturer of jet engines or component parts in need of a quick and accurate Indonesian, Japanese, or Spanish translation of your product manuals, training materials, or marketing materials? In order to provide the greatest translation outcomes in all of the major languages spoken worldwide, White Globe has the linguistic resources and language technologies necessary.

We translate the most recent findings in engine material sciences as well as all aspects of jet engine engineering, including turbines, compressors, and thrust reversers. White Globe has one of the most comprehensive multilingual libraries of jet engine terminology, which enables our qualified translators to translate your technical material accurately and quickly.

To ensure linguistic consistency and cost savings, our cutting-edge translation management technology, Lang Tech, includes translation memory, which prevents the same sentences from being translated more than once.

Professional Avionics Translations

To maintain safe and reliable flight operations, modern aircraft rely on sophisticated electronic systems, including communication, navigation, and information management. Technical papers and software programs need to be expertly translated and localized when selling and delivering avionics in worldwide markets in order to match global customer expectations and adhere to regional laws.

White Globe provides multilingual subject matter experts and certified professional translators that can accurately translate a range of avionics goods and solutions. Avionics, which is a mix of the terms "aviation" and "electronics," uses many of the same engineering and technological concepts as electronics. Because of this, White Globe also provides thorough language translation services for contemporary devices.

Multilingual MRO Localization

The FAA estimates that the $70 billion aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) market is driven by rising standards for aircraft safety, a rise in the number of new aircraft models, and the need for airlines to operate more efficiently without needing to buy new aircraft as frequently. The number of OEM manufacturers for MRO products and services in growing regions has led to a significant diversification of the global MRO supply chain.

For this reason, you require White Globe. Between English and Chinese, English and German, English and Dutch, and many other languages, we translate MRO technical documents, eLearning and training courses, and technology patents. We have translated the following list of aviation aftermarket services:

  • Aerostructures services
  • Engine services
  • Fan Blade Repair
  • Landing gear services
  • Rotary and fixed wing services

UAM Translation for Global Success

According to Morgan Stanley, as climate-friendly, green mobility and advancing smart city technologies take over urban living worldwide, the global Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market will grow to be a $1.5 trillion sector by 2040. The need for passenger-carrying drones, autonomous aerial vehicles (AAV), and eVTOL will increase as the global urban aviation markets for drone firefighting, medical air mobility, and air taxis expand rapidly.

White Globe offers professional and technically precise language translation services for UAM and drone technology, enabling urban aviation businesses to successfully interact with clients from around the world despite linguistic boundaries. We quickly and accurately translate webpages, eLearning videos, apps for UAM software, and technical documentation.

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