Industry Focus

White Globe is Asia’s leading Translation and Localization Services providing customised services to more than 30 Industry Verticals led by domain experts from each Industry leading the vertical practice.  Each Language expert associated with White Globe undergoes a rigorous competency assessment comprising of his bi-lingual language capability in reading, writing and speaking including Academics, Experience, Industry Expertise, Samples, Test Results and References by an expert Language Competency Assessment Panel comprising of Industry, Domain and Language Experts.

The selected language experts are thereafter competency mapped based on their language, industry domain and functional experience. Each Industry Vertical Practice Manager engages and builds the language expertise in his/her domain and function and nurtures the relationship by way of an innovative engagement model which is highly transparent, agile and vibrant. White Globe has a very transparent rating model including the Customer, Industry Vertical and Project Management feedback. White Globe provides a very clear path of progression based on experience, expertise and other skills to language experts.

Every project is managed uniquely by assigning the project to the hand-picked and curated panel of language experts after competency mapping of the skills, industry, domain and experience required for the project.

No matter what your specific niche in the finance world, the common themes ring true: take care of your customers..

  • Digital Content
  •  Web Content
  • Mobile Content
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Financial Reports
  • Investment Reports
  •  Mkt Reports
  • Banking Software
  • Insurance Services

White Globe’s unique approach to solving the needs of government Organizations is built upon four key pillars; people, resources, scale..

  • Interpretation Services 
  • In person Interpretation 
  • Over the phone Interpretation 
  • Translation Services 
  • Real time Translation Services

Reduce unnecessary steps, control global branding, and establish an agile operations model to support innovation.

  • Website and Digital Content 
  • Software Localization 
  • App localization 
  • Marketing Services 
  • E learning/Training 
  • Patent Translation 
  • Call Center/BPO-Agents

News happens on its own schedule, all over the world and at all hours of the day. When every second counts, there’s no time to search for local interpreters in the field.

  • Video Transcription 
  • Voice Over / Dubbing 
  • Content creation 
  • Video Creation 
  • Software Localization 
  • App localization 
  • Marketing Services

Game producers have to balance time and budget constraints while delivering a quality experience to end users.

  • Content Authoring
  •  Testing 
  • Translation & Localization 
  • Game Dialogue localization 
  • Community Management 
  • Marketing Services

Content AuthoringPlatform LocalizationVoiceover & SubtitlingTesting & Quality AssuranceManaged In-Country ReviewE-Learning Authoring ToolsLearning Management Systems

Your legal translation, needs to be accurate, precise, clean. Getting it right is non-negotiable.

  • Legal Translation 
  • Legal Interpretation 
  • Deposition & Trial Support 
  • Certified Translation
  •  Arbitration Translation 
  • Patent Applications


In the life sciences industry, launching a new product is always a challenge as regional nuances can mean the difference between a successful and a mediocre release.

  • Clinical Document Translation 
  • Interpretation 
  • Translation for Medical Devices 
  • Life Sciences Marketing 
  • Corporate Communication

To rise to the top, you have to be the company that makes customers feel like you truly know them.

  • Multicultural Consulting 
  • Content Localization 
  • Market Research 
  • International SEO / Marketing (ISEO/ISEM) 
  • Customer Support 
  • Live Chat Support

Rapid growth, increasing volumes, demand for highly local and personalized content, omni channel reach.

  • Tour Management System 
  • Booking Engine Localization 
  • Multilingual Call Center Support 
  • Website And Mobile Site / App Localization 
  • Conference Interpretation Services 
  • Property and Regional Collateral Translation 
  • Global Marketing Services

Every element, from images and colours to word choice and tone, affects brand perception and campaign success or failure.

  • Translation 
  • Transcreation 
  • Localization 
  • Video Creation 
  • Animation


When your customer base has diverse language requirements, the quality of in-language communications can have a significant impact on overall satisfaction.

  • Technical Translation 
  • Interpretation Services 
  • In person Interpretation 
  • Over the phone Interpretation 
  • Video Creation & Animation

Improve customer experience (CX) across markets and channels by eliminating language as a communications barrier.

  • Recruitment & Staffing of Language Experts 
  • Competency assessment 
  • Video creation & Animation 
  • E learning/Training

To rise to the top, you have to be the company that makes customers feel like you truly know them.

  • Video Transcription 
  • Voice Over / Dubbing 
  • Content creation 
  • Video Creation 
  • Translation & Transcreation 
  • Website Localization 
  • App localization

You will find many taking Literary Translation with Literal Translation.

  • Translation & Adaptation of Content 
  • Formatting

Software and IT companies require a deep understanding of culture and business process to manage their brand and products on a global scale.

  • Software Localization 
  • Competency Assessment of Language Experts 
  • Recruitment & Staffing 
  • Localization of Marketing Collaterals 
  • Interpretation

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