How Translation and localization services with digital method help to flourish your business

Translation Services


The translation is the process of rendering from one language to another. Translation is one of the primary requirements across industries. You cannot always trust an online translator. To translate your important documents, you need certified document translation services. Translators at certified companies have excellent knowledge of both source and target languages. The purpose of translation is to keep intact the original message and original tone. 


Language localization is a process that addresses linguistic issues and cultural and non-textual components of a service or product to adapt to a new country or new locality. The language localization process involves translation and cultural adaptation. Localization is commonly denoted as “L10N”, signifying L followed by ten letters and ending with N.

Localization can be different for different geographic regions speaking the same language. For example, the localization of a document in the German language for Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland can be different because they speak different dialects of German with different sets of idioms. The localization can be enhanced by using local words for standard terms, inserting culture-specific references, expressions and nuances, and writing dates in the local format.

Why do we need translation services?

India is multilingual, and we have 23 official languages, including widely spoken Hindi and English. Apart from these official 23 languages, several hundred other languages are being spoken in India. Currently, more than 7000 languages are actively being spoken worldwide. With these many languages, it is tough to interact with people worldwide, and translation came into the picture to deal with this problem. 

Another important reason for the increasing demand for translation services is globalization. With the invention of the internet, the world has become a big family, and we need translation to spread new information, knowledge, and ideas worldwide. International business, foreign travel, foreign education, and shared platforms on the internet. have manifold increased the demand for translation. 

Why do we need localization services? 

Localization is required when one wants to communicate and connect with global audiences, boost sales, make the website more accessible, and run market campaigns. Successful global companies localize their websites and products to reach broader audiences and boost sales. Marketing campaigns are crucial to registering the market presence and increasing business opportunities. 

How localization is different from translation:

Translation is the process of adapting a message, and localization is the process of adapting an experience. Translation involves grammar and spelling issues, and localization addresses non-textual components like graphics, date and time format, currency symbols, and cultural details.

Translation services provided by White Globe

White Globe provides literary translation, commercial translation, financial translation, technical translation, legal translation, medical translation, website translation, academic translation, and script translation. 

There are several advantages of translation. One of the significant advantages is that it enables two people or two parties to communicate, and translation bridges the language barrier between countries.

Another advantage of translation is that it provides a broader reach; if product-related information is available in different languages, its public reach will increase. 

With the availability of good translations, foreign travel and education in a foreign university become easier. A high-quality translation of travel brochures, visas, travel insurance, and other related documents will make your trip convenient. Admission to a foreign university will become hassle-free if all admission-related documents are translated into the language of the country where the university is located.

Translation of technical documents creates a shared understanding of technology among people around the globe. 

Localization services provided by White Globe

White Globe provides multimedia localization, app localization, website localization, marketing localization, and game localization services. Companies strategizing to expand their business on a global platform need localization, and Websites trying to reach a global audience also need localization. 

White Globes’ localization services help businesses understand customers, remove language barriers to entering a new market, expand the customer base, expand revenue and sales, improve brand loyalty, and enhance success in advertising campaigns. With proper localization, you can avoid offending customers. 

How to increase sales and revenue by using the translation and localization services of White Globe?

White globe is launching translation and localization services for small advertisements on different websites. Nowadays, all the websites with a considerable number of clicks exhibit still and video advertisements. These small ads significantly impact the viewer’s mind, and they attract them to your products. Creative people spend hours making an ad as small as 10 seconds. 

India is a vast and diverse country known for its rich culture and is a land of festivals and languages. People living in different parts of the country speak different languages and celebrate different festivals. Localizing these small ads in the customer’s language will help the business connect with the consumers. The deeper the connection with the consumers, the more sales and revenue generation. 

White Globe offers high-quality and cost-efficient ad localization services to consumer goods companies. Our technical and linguistic experts hold years of experience. Our ad localization services are quick, linguistically excellent and consider all cultural and geographical nuances.

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