White Globe’s Game Services provides fast, context-accurate game content localization and localization testing (including platform, hardware, and software). And with our partner audio production teams, you can create culturally-relevant game content that extends your storyline’s global reach—all the while maintaining emotional context.

As a game producer, you have one overall goal: to ensure great gaming experiences for end users. With many stakeholders involved, achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is a complex process.

  • QA/test managers always hope to reduce time-to-market while maintaining quality.
  • Localization managers want more upstream visibility earlier in the process while they plan & manage translation across multiple time zones.
  • Game producers must balance time and budget constraints while delivering a quality experience to end users.
  • Community managers have resource, language, and time issues.
  • Marketing managers have no way to see the big picture.

Having a partner with multi-media experience and expertise, and insight into the entire production process can be an important—if not essential—element of your success. That’s where White Globe’s Game Services comes in.

White Globe has worked with many Gaming companies and assisted them in localising their content in multiple languages like German, Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati etc.

We are Leaders in the Language Industry