One of the things about India that intrigues visitors from other countries is how the language, food, clothes, customs, and culture seem to change every 100 kilometres. They find this fascinating because they are from nations where only one or, most likely, two languages are spoken. But occasionally, the nation’s rich diversity of cultures causes business enterprises a logistical nightmare. Consider the BFSI sector, which includes banking, financial services, and insurance.

The banking sector is essential to an economy’s efficient operation. It is intended to manage the flow of money in the market and hold financial assets for other banks to boost economic growth significantly. The three centrally controlled institutions that make up the banking sector are industrial banks, commercial banks, and exchange banks. 

For effective communication to occur in any location, language is crucial. The target audience you are trying to reach might not be able to comprehend your banking principles if you use technical terminology. Although surveys show that English is the most widely spoken language for communication, many people do not say it. Bank translation has therefore joined the market to improve native-language bank communication.

In any region, language is crucial for effective communication. The target audience won’t be able to comprehend your banking principles if you use technical jargon. Yes, English is the most widely used language for communication, yet many people do not speak it, according to surveys. Bank translation has therefore joined the market to improve native-language bank communication.

Genuine investors primarily rely on the company’s press announcements, yearly reports, and presentations when they intend to distribute their capital. They then anticipate clear and accurate information in their mother tongue, and reasonably priced financial document translation should be considered.

Even if the official language of business is English, competent translation remains a crucial tool for reaching out to new, worldwide audiences.

Companies in the banking, financial services, and insurance industries need to get in touch with new clients, first-time bank account or policyholders, and new internet users and explain the range of products & services they offer.

Due to geographic diversity, distance, and technological advancements, these new customers contact banks via mobile, internet, ATMs, or support call centres.

Access to material in local languages is one of these new consumers’ primary needs. For each company’s already overworked IT & systems department, outsourcing systems for localization, standardization of terminology, rolling out these systems, and later version maintenance is difficult and time-consuming.

White Globe is aware of financial services companies’ unique regulatory and confidentiality challenges when interacting with customers, staff members, and stakeholders globally.

White Globe has experience dealing with banks and insurance companies and has the industry knowledge to localize the core banking and, more recently, internet banking solutions. White Globe has supported some reputable banks by providing the necessary services, such as translation, localization, brochure and marketing collateral design, as well as documents for internal use, client distribution, or regulatory filings in languages such as German, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Maharashtra, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, and Assamese, among others. These tasks were completed to the highest quality standards while adhering to the strictest data security guidelines.

White Globe assisted an MNC Bank with one of its significant undertakings in the following ways:

  • Translation of transaction documents into languages including Korean, Portuguese, German, French, and Chinese, among others.
  • Translation of their loan, banking product, and banking service marketing brochure.
  • We are creating marketing brochures in several languages.

In the following ways, White Globe has assisted a major private-sector bank: 

  • Translate their marketing brochure for loans, banking services, and products into languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali, Assamese, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, etc.
  • We are creating marketing brochures in several languages.

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