Benefits of Localization Services

Localization Services

The whole world is now known as a global village, and buyers are interested in buying the best available products from the entire world. Approximately 50% of the total content available on the internet is in English, but the fraction of the English-speaking population is 4.76%. In the highly competitive current era where businesses are going global, high demand for localization is inevitable.  

Do you also think localization is a fancy word for translation? No, a big no. Localization is the process of adaptation of a product or service according to the linguistic and cultural needs of the target market or geographical region. Localization involves changing text, images, graphics, sound, audio, video, and user interface to reflect the culture and language of the particular audience. The localization is symbolised as L10n. The 10 represent the 10 letters between L and n in localization.  

Translation of websites in multiple languages is called multilingual localization. It can be achieved in two ways: 

Translating all the website content into different languages: This approach is the most common. All the content of websites, including menus, buttons, and other interactive elements, is translated by professional linguistic experts. This process is expensive and time-consuming. 

Using a language detection tool: This involves creating a different version of the website with localized content for each language. The tool detects the user’s preferred language and automatically displays the website in the user’s language. This way is more efficient and less expensive, and it takes less time. When you only have to operate your business in a few countries, this technique benefits you.

Localization is beneficial for businesses and customers. Here, we will discuss some essential benefits of localization. 

  1. Remove barriers to entering a new market: Fierce competition, low or no brand awareness, legal documents, and lack of goods delivery platforms are the common barriers that businesses experience when entering into new market territories. Well-localized marketing and advertising content and product details remove these barriers and help enter a new market. Cultural barriers can also be removed by localizing websites, marketing content, and product information.
  2. Provide personalized experience to customers: A localized website is modified per the customers’ linguistic and cultural preferences and provides a customized experience. It also establishes a strong connection with consumers and motivates them to return to the website repeatedly. 
  3. Improve brand image and increase brand value: A well-localized website and advertising content connect with the customers and help them realize that your business takes care of all their needs. This improves the brand image, and this leads to increasing brand value. A well-established brand image also helps retain the customers for a longer time. 
  4. Increase market share: A properly localized website, app, or product helps increase market share and cater to a global audience. An increase in market share is the output of the increased customer reach due to connecting with them in their native language. 
  5. Increase sales with localization: Customers trust more to a website in their language. In European Union, 80% of people do not purchase until the information is in their native language. Approximately 56% of online shoppers consider money is less important to them; the product information in their language is more vital to them. Due to the above-listed reasons, website and product information localization have exponentially increased in the last couple of years. 
  6. Unlock new revenue centres: A well-localized website will reach a new section of consumers and a new market territory. Even it increases the brand value in those territories and unlocks new revenue territories for your business. 
  7. Make search engine optimization (SEO) easier:  Proper website localization can target keywords and increase local traffic by search engine optimization (SEO). 
  8. Improve the website’s ranking: Google considers users’ location and shows web pages in the local languages. This way, the localized websites appear on the first page of search results, and non-localized websites appear later. This improves the ranking of your website, hence more business and revenue. 
  9. Increase return on investment (ROI): A well-localized website reaches a larger number of local customers, and it is more likely that you will see a higher ROI. A well-localized website can increase sales by up to 30%. If you are looking to maximize your profit, then you should also localize your website and products. 
  10. Website content becomes more engaging: A website with tailored content in the local language makes the website more engaging for customers. The customers spend more time on the website and exploring all the offers and products. 
  11. Website navigation becomes easier: A website localized in the native language of the user is easier to navigate. A primary website can also have a language panel, and clicking on any language can take you to that language. Customers can explore more options on a localized website, and it will increase sales and revenue. 
  12. Cost-effective: Localizing a website is much cheaper than creating various versions. Most companies prefer localization over creating multiple versions because it also saves time.
  13. Competitive advantage: Websites, apps and games localization may help you in gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors. If your competitor is also using localization as their competitive strategy, you should localize your websites and games in more languages to stay ahead of the competition. 

As you can see, there are various benefits of localization. The localization is critical to increasing sales, customer satisfaction, and revenue. For high-quality, on-time, and cost-effective localization services, contact the white-globe.

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