Why DTP Services required for Your Business Growth


Desktop publishing (DTP) is a process of creating high-quality electronic forms of documents containing text and graphics for a single-page publication. DTP is used to make brochures, flyers, catalogues, book covers, e-books, posters, business cards, web pages, Graphic user interfaces, and magazines. DTP is one of the integral elements of the localization process. Several DTP software is available, such as Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, CoralDraw and others.

In this era of exponentially increasing technology, businesses need technology-driven high-quality content that attracts wider audiences. So Nowadays, companies are using DTP packages because they offer an enhanced appearance to documents, increased productivity, easy customization, minimum production cost, and a way to manage content and presentation. 

Overview of DTP services: 

There are different types of DTP services, and they include: 

  • Text-formatting: The text-formatting includes analysis of font size, types, spacing, and typography. This analysis is performed to ensure text visibility.  
  • Layout design: The layout design process includes arranging visuals and texts on the screen to grab readers’ attention. 
  • Copy editing: Copy editing involves scrutiny of grammar, punctuations, and spelling is known as copy editing. 
  • Translation: It involves translating the text into different languages for digital or print publication.

Steps involved in the DTP process:

  • Briefing: The client provides a brief on a conference call or through a detailed mail and transfers images, graphics, and texts to incorporate through email, dropbox or a secure FTP server. 
  • Input: The DTP experts download the files transferred by the client and check whether all the required files are received or not. 
  • DTP services: The DTP professionals performed formatting using DTP software such as Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, and CoralDraw.  
  • Quality check: The first draft of formatted files undergoes a quality check by quality specialists and ensures the SLA terms are followed, and high accuracy is maintained. 
  • Edits: The pre-final version is sent to the quaint for approval. 
  • Final output: After the client’s approval the final files are transferred to the client through dropbox or a secure FTP server.

Types of DTP services: 

The content created by DTP software is broadly classified into two types. 

  1. Electronic pages: The content pages shared digitally are electronic. The electronic pages are websites, manuals, eBooks, presentations, digital archives etc. 
  2. Virtual pages: The content pages were created in the DTP software but eventually published as printed papers. The virtual pages give a fair idea how what the print will look like. This process is called “What you see is What you get”. 

Multilingual DTP

The multilingual DTP is different from the DTP in several ways. The multilingual DTP involves formatting, design, layout, proofreading, and proper content localization. The multilingual DTP is used for creating technical manuals, advertisements, brochures, etc.  

Why does your business needs DTP services:  

Modern businesses use many cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the competition. The DTP helped companies in the following ways: 

  • Boost sales: The DTP helps create interactive stuff and documents that catch the viewer’s attention. DTP help create an attractive marketing brochure to launch a new product or service. A leaflet with clear brand reflection attracts customers and sales increase. 
  • Boost return on investments: DTP services will help you connect with broader audiences in their native languages. After establishing a connection, a more significant section of the audience becomes potential customers. These potential customers buy your products and boost the return on investment. 
  • Access to the global market: Localization of content in the target language of the audience through DTP to enter into a new market. 
  • A global hit: DTP help your products and services become a worldwide hit and generate massive revenue.

The benefits of DTP: 

Work on different file formats: The DTP can work with different file formats. 

Optimize the look and feel of documents: The DTP can optimize the look and feel of different papers to make them attractive to customers. 

Critical impact on translation and localization: The DTP services are provided by highly technical and linguistic experts. The translation and localization challenges can be resolved by combining DTP and translator. 

The advantages of DTP:

  • Better graphical representation: The DTP handles more graphical data than the word processor, making the file more attractive and improving the document’s overall appearance.  
  • Customized and efficient products: The DTP will help customize the products. 
  • Reduced production cost: The DTP does not require equipment, software, or regular updates and reduces the cost. 
  • Easy customization: DTP makes the customization process more accessible and provides documentation for the specific needs of the people. 
  • Enhanced productivity: With the cutting-edge technology and user-friendly platform of the DTP, productivity becomes higher.
  • Easy revision: The documents can be quickly revised by using DTP. Editing, adding, and modifying data of the documents are available. 
  • Save time and money: The DTP services save companies a lot of time and money because this process is simple and does not require expensive tools. 
  • Easy import: It is easy to import images, texts, and graphics on DTP from outside sources.

Why choose White Globe for your DTP service needs: 

We have the best DTP experts with years of experience who are proficient in all design software like Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, CoralDraw and others. White Globe provides customized services for various requirements of customers. White globe maintains the security of your data, and our services are of high quality and cost-effective, with a fast turnaround time. 

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