Facts You Need To Know About Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

A technical process which involves translation while maintaining the integrity of formatting is Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP). The formatting issues that may arise due to the difference in the languages can be resolved using Multilingual DTP.  Multilingual DTP will help present the content most efficiently through proper formatting and removal of common errors. A multilingual DTP specialist needs a combination of translation and designing skills to create the perfect localization of content. 

Process of multilingual desktop publishing:

Multilingual desktop publishing is a complex process and completes in the following steps:

  1. Extracting the text: The brochures and manuals were created using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe acrobat, and illustrator. The first step of multilingual DTP is to extract text from the source file and prepare it for translation. The text extraction can be done manually as well as automatically. 
  2. Translation: The translators translate the text and save it in a different file for further use. 
  3. Editing and proofreading: Another translator or QC team edited and proofread the translation to avoid any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and sentence framing errors. 
  4. Importing of translated text: The expert imports the translated text into the source file format. The DTP expert also makes changes in the design according to the translated text. The design should be changed according to the target audience’s culture. 
  5. Final check: Another DTP expert checks the final design and ensures accuracy in page margin, page numbers, boxes, and text alignment. A translator also does a final check for the date formats, and translated texts.

Uses of multilingual DTP services:

The scope of these Services is far more than our comprehension. We can deliver high-quality content in the native language of the client. Currently, multinational brands use multilingual DTP design services for the following: 

  • Brochures: Offline marketing requires both in-store and off-store brochures. A brochure printer in the language of potential consumers helps brands to make excellent first impressions. 
  • Magazines: Magazines read by people from different languages needs multilingual desktop publishing. Such magazines include international airlines magazines, and lifestyle and fashion magazines. The in-flight magazine of Jazeera Airways has information in both English and Arabic. English is written from left to right and Arabic is written from right to left and this can be achieved by multilingual DTP. 
  • Technical manual: The technical manuals containing instructions to assemble a product and instructions related to the functioning of a product are also multilingual. These multilingual technical manuals are created by using multilingual DTP. 
  • Product labels: The product labels are also sometimes multilingual and this is achieved by multilingual DTP. 
  • Presentation: 
  • Menus: Menu cards in cafes and restaurants in tourist destinations around the world have multilingual menu cards to attract international tourists. 

Importance of Multilingual DTP for multinational companies:

Customers always prefer to deal with the contents of their desired language, which they expect to read and understand without additional help. Multilingual DTP focuses not only on translating content but also on editing and formatting it to enhance the content’s clarity. The Multilingual DTP services provided by the companies focus on customers’ interests and create appropriate content that is readable. 

  1. Helpful for complex languages: Multilingual desktop publishing services are provided to produce content in different languages across the globe. The services provided through your business and the main objective are conveyed to people in their language by creating layout content. 
  2. Well-structured presentation of the content: The content created by a multilingual desktop publishing company will be structured correctly in the desired style and appearance. 
  3. Enhancement of user experience: The user experience is enhanced as the contents are delivered the way they are needed with proper translation. The changes in the slang and usage of words are also considered while editing for better content readability. 
  4. Widen the reach: The increased availability of content in different languages helps widen the business across the globe resulting in better growth. 

Popular Multilingual DTP tools: 

Multilingual DTP involves complex procedures for the translation and editing of various contents. The top 5 tools are as follows: 

  • Content Management system: This tool assists in keeping track of the materials that have been translated and those that still need to be translated.
  • User Management tool:  This program manages the personnel participating in the process, such as translators, developers, and reviewers.
  • Computer-assisted translation (CAT): This is a helpful tool in the translation process that improves speed and efficiency. Effective translation of the content makes it more readable and easier to understand. 
  • File Management tool: Localization-related files must be controlled to ensure the safety of files while uploading, downloading, and so on. 
  • Bug tracking platforms: This tool helps report translation errors and removes the bugs found.

White Globe as a Multilingual DTP service provider: 

White Globe is one of the top multilingual DTP translation companies having an efficient team of experienced DTP experts. The quality of content and the customers’ interests are always prioritized to ensure efficient services. White Globe team of experts has specially trained to format the translated content and localize the design for better understanding and connection. This ensures that the business gets excellent DTP services and that customers can read the content in their desired language. The removal of language barriers and cultural issues is the main aim of the White Globe, resulting in better reach of the content across the globe. 


Q.1 What is meant by desktop publishing techniques?

Ans: The desktop publishing process involves compiling text and graphics in a proper format using a computer and software. It is focused on producing documents like newsletters, brochures, etc. 

Q2. Which DTP software is primarily used in the market?

Ans: The commonly used DTP software is Microsoft Publisher, which many people across the globe prefer.

3. What is the function of a DTP specialist?

Ans: A DTP specialist focus on preparing reports, cards, and other such documents for printing and digital publications. They help make computer files containing texts, graphics, etc.

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