Today, Economy of world revolves around Advertisement. Advertising is a way of communication to encourage an audience for making purchase decision about a product or service and conveying information to viewers. It is considered as a vital and essential element for the economic growth of the marketers and businesses.

Advertising is usually a paid form of exposure or promotion by some sponsor that reaches through various traditional media such as television, newspaper, commercial radio advertisement, magazine mail, outdoor advertising or modern media such as blogs, websites and text messages. The major aim of advertising is to impact on buying behaviour; however, this impact about brand is changed or strengthened frequently through people’s memories.

White Globe has worked many leading Advertising and Media companies –

One of the leading advertising agencies asked us to support them with Translation in languages like Marathi, kannada, Oriya, Malayalam, Punjabi, Assamese where they wanted to localize their client’s Brochures in mentioned regional languages. The delivery timelines expected were within 24 hours. White Globe successfully delivered all the files after translating, proof reading and Formatting (DTP) them to the desired format. In another case, we were asked to deliver translated content the same day (within 12 hours) in Thai, Mandarin and Japanese languages and White Globe was able to meet the deadline thanks to the In-House and committed language experts associated with White Globe.

We have also supported many agencies with Voice over services for their client’s promotional TV commercial ad in the languages like English and Marathi.

We supported another Advertising agency in Video creation where our entire production team was present at the location for shooting of the advertisement video for their client. The video content was localised in multiple languages. White Globe was involved from end to end production of the video and localization a and also provided services like Voice over and Dubbing.

We are Leaders in the Language Industry